The Escape Of Chen Guangcheng

It is hard to imagine someone who would not moved by the recent escape of activist Chen Guangcheng from his captors in China. A person who will not allow his voice to be silenced should move us all to ensure we are heard.

What is particularly inspiring to me is the fact that Chen is blind. I don’t know for sure what happened in the days and moments leading to his escape from the floodlit, heavily guarded home where he was being held. While his captors were afraid of Chen’s words, I think they disregarded him physically because of his vision problems.

It’s sad that people treat those with physical limitations with disdain, but in this case, the result works out better for all concerned…except for his bumbling captors.

Inspired by the intersection of fortunate and unfortunate in this situation, I wrote this short play about Chen’s escape, from the point of view of his guards.


Act One

(Setting – A furnished living room in a modest home. There is a door, stage left, another stage right. A Chinese government guard, named Buck, is watching television when his partner walks in from checking on their prisoner)

Don (walking in to the room from stage left door) – OK, he’s still there. Mark down that I did the 11 pm check.

Buck – (putting down the TV remote, marking something on a clipboard) – Got it. Hey, you know, you don’t have to be so anal about doing the checks. He’s blind, where’s he going to go?

Česky: Způsob vedení nevidomého člověka psem, ...

Co-conspirator in the escape? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don- Well, it is sort of our job, right?

Buck – There’s two of us, one of him. We are in the house with him. There’s a wall around the house. If he does anything, we’ll hear it.

Don- Wellllll……

Buck – (reaches under the couch he’s sitting on, pulls out a white cane, waves it in the air)

Don- Dude, you are a genius! Wait…the dog?

Buck – In the pen, out back. (Waves the key to the dog pen)

Don- SAWEEEEEET. You think of everything. I’ll go get some beer, you call for the pizza. The Stanley Cup Playoffs are on…Go Caps!

Buck – Go Caps!


Act Two

(Setting remains the same. The guards are both asleep. They’re surrounded by empty pizza boxes and beer bottles. The television blares on.)

Don (wakes and walks sleepily to the door stage left. He opens then closes it. He opens it again, visibly startled by what he sees.) (yelling) Oh, dude, no way! Wake up, Buck.

Buck (sleepily, now wearing a hockey jersey stained with pepperoni grease) What’s your problem?

Don – Chen is gone!

Buck – Gone?

Don – What, am I speaking English? Read my lips, Buck. Gone!

Buck (leaping to his feet) – How could you let this happen?

Don- Me?!? Don’t start with me, Mr.”I Hid His Cane”.

Buck – Ok, ok. Let’s not get hung up in blaming people. We’re both in trouble here. How can we explain this?


Buck – I’ve got it! We’ll hit each other and say he overpowered us.

Don – I’m playing devil’s advocate here, but won’t they just say we could have avoided him because, you know… (points at the white cane)

Buck – Yeah. I don’t hear you helping us out here.

Don – Suppose we say he gassed us and put us to sleep?

Buck – He’s a lawyer, not a chemist.

Don- Good point. But you’ve got to give me that a bad lawyer can put you to sleep without gas, right? (then mocking Buck’s voice) He’s blind, where’s he gonna go?

(a knock at the stage right door indicates the arrival of the next shift and the beginning of trouble for Buck and Don. Both men look at one another, horrified)

The End

Way to go Chen!

Go Caps!


20 Comments on “The Escape Of Chen Guangcheng”

  1. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    Hilarious! He might be blind but he’s not deaf, dumb and he’s mobile. And he obviously had some well-placed friends. Chinese egg roll on their faces!

  2. Todd Pack says:

    I’m glad he escaped, but I worry what might happen to his friends and family.

  3. What, am I speaking English? My favorite line.

    That intermission was certainly refreshing. Thank you for kindly including it.
    Go Caps!

  4. Blogdramedy says:

    The Weinstein brothers will be calling any day with an offer even a blind man couldn’t refuse. (Did I go to far?) 😉

  5. Lenore Diane says:

    I’m with Jackie, “What, am I speaking English?” Brilliantly funny line, Oma.
    This play is excellent! I do hope you’ll write another one.
    And Chen is a hero.

    • omawarisan says:

      Thank you. For you, I will write other plays. But first, I’m going to flesh this out into a musical. Here is a bit of my first song:

      You said he’s blind, and where’s he gonna go. Where’s he gonna go?

      You said he’s blind, Buck, where’s he gonna go? Well, I’d sure like to know!

      (chorus) where’s he gonna go, Buck, where’s he gonna go. If you’re so smart, Buck, where’s he gonna go.

      You don’t have to check all night. Everything’s gonna be all right. Now the blind guy’s taken flight. We don’t look so bright, Buck. Where’s he gonna go?


      Lots of guys need jobs, man, but not us, we were getting paid. We’re gonna look like dumb slobs, man. We’d better get a plan.


      • Lenore Diane says:

        I was singing the chorus to the tune of Cops. Is that wrong? “Bad boys” has such a good groove to it. Dick Clark would give it an 8, because it has a good beat, and it is easy to dance to.
        In other news, I failed to mention the fact that I visualized the robot from Buck Rogers whenever Don addressed Buck. Consider that fact now mentioned – successfully.

        Pardon me now, I’m getting my groove on. “where’s he gonna go, Buck, where’s he gonna go. If you’re so smart, Buck, where’s he gonna go.”

        • omawarisan says:

          See, it’s all about the hook.

          You’ll be singing that around the house this evening and all three of your guys are gonna be looking at you and wondering…

  6. A magnum opus! Sort of like Waiting for Godot in reverse.

    • omawarisan says:

      Thank you. It is an honor to have my first script compared to the follow up to Waiting For Godot which, as you know, is entitled Sorry Godot, I Double Booked.

  7. robincoyle says:

    A lawyer not a chemist? hahahaha

  8. Laura says:

    Great work. They should show this as a double feature with Wait Until Dark.

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