Symptoms Of Late Onset Hyperactivity In Middle-Aged Male

Things were slow at work yesterday. I used my time productively.

Based on how I was feeling, I developed a list of potential warnings signs of  an impending bout of hyperactivity in an older person.

  1. The intense need to create something.
  2. Intolerance for boredom.
  3. Adapting things in the environment to different uses.
  4. The presence of a Lego Super Heroes Movie Maker app on one’s phone.

Behold, the result of my symptoms! My first stop animation film, entitled Lunch, depicts one Rigatoni’s brave yet futile fight against the inevitable.

I’m considering starting a series of short films such as this one on Sundays. Why? I don’t know. Your input please?


33 Comments on “Symptoms Of Late Onset Hyperactivity In Middle-Aged Male”

  1. We Found Him Captain! says:

    Will these pasta battles work with other types of pasta? Please advise if I can use pastina and still win. Thank you! Capt. Ronzoni

    • omawarisan says:

      Captain, I believe if you fight this sort of battle with any of the smaller pastas – tubettini, alphabet, orzo, pastina, etc – you will find yourself outnumbered.

      I believe it was Sun Tzu who said “pick your noodly battles”. Sometimes, Sun Tzu drank a lot.

  2. List of X says:

    Will there be a sequel about dessert?

  3. Hahahaha! 100% voted the same. Are you a lefty? I got that from the film. I love that you suddenly just came up with ways to tell if you have adult-onset ADHD. That’s very random, Oma.

    • omawarisan says:

      You know, I’m actually right handed, but the video shows it the other way. I figured out that the app works with one side of the camera as the up side, so it looks like I’m left handed. It confused me when I saw how it came out.

      Random…yeah. Wheels turn when I’m on my own.

  4. Hipster says:

    Who played the role of rigatoni #3? That kid’s got a future.

  5. Lenore Diane says:

    I confess. I had to read and watch this out of the corner of my eye. Overcome with a sense that you are losing it, I didn’t want to stare directly at the screen, fearing I would further embarrass you and your ‘lostness’.
    You are too funny, Oma. And yes, I look forward to the next installment of your stop-action movie. Bring on the middle-age hyperactivity. You seem to be good at it.

  6. Laura says:

    I really wanted to like this, but I just couldn’t get past the complete lack of parmesan.

  7. robincoyle says:

    Is it hyperactivity or OCD? Or both?

  8. The Jagged Man says:

    The poll says : You should be a baseball player because so far you are batting a thousand!

  9. Really cool music–and perfectly synched! And the drama! I l wept! We must have more!

    Seriously, how long did it take you to do that?

    • omawarisan says:

      It took a couple minutes more than it takes for me to eat lunch usually. I took a shot every fork full or so. The hard part was balancing it on my lap.

  10. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    Looking at the results of voting here, apparently we’re all quite comfortable with an Oma who is losing it. You have a tolerant following. That was one of the best action films I’ve ever seen.

  11. AiXeLsyD13 says:

    You may have just created a genre…

  12. mikegee64 says:

    I rather enjoyed your other short film “Duck” which you sent to my phone the other day. Do share that with the rest of the class.

    Inka dinka do

  13. Sonja L. Smith says:

    Oma…too much free time…hmmmm…I can’t believe I watched it!

  14. […] Symptoms Of Late Onset Hyperactivity In Middle-Aged Male ( […]

  15. Betty says:

    The fact that I just watched you eat your lunch proves that I have Warning Sign #2.

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