Sunday Film Series: Greek Yogurt

The film series continues this week with a favorite topic of mine, food. It is not about a favorite food.

Greek yogurt is supposedly good for me. I get that. That is why I eat it.

It is the only reason I eat it.

You will catch flashes of my thigh in this film. This is one of the common elements of films that are created in the director’s lap. Let me clarify that. My thighs are only common elements of films that I create in my lap. Other directors use their own thighs.


13 Comments on “Sunday Film Series: Greek Yogurt”

  1. Queen says:

    you’re eating the wrong kind, no wonder it tastes like paste. try chobani. much yummier.

    • omawarisan says:

      Thank you Queen. Today is grocery day, I’ll get some. Good to hear from you!

      • Laura says:

        She’s right. Also, don’t get the flavored stuff. Get a tub of plain unsweetened Fage or Chobani. Get a tub of whatever your favorite kind of berry is. Go home. Put away all your groceries except the yogurt and berries. Put some yogurt into a bowl. Add some sugar or honey to taste, mixing it in gently (stirring hard messes up the texture). Rinse off the berries. If they’re strawberries, cut them up. Fold them gently into the yogurt. Put any unused yogurt or berries into the refrigerator. Eat your bowl of yogurt and berries. Come back here and report on your progress.

  2. In general I tend to avoid anything visual linking pastiness and thighs,not to mention self-produced videos mentioning flashes of thigh, but I trust you based on the sensibilities of your administration’s policy record and I took a chance on this. It was worth the price of admission!

    • omawarisan says:

      Good, I’m glad you got every penny’s worth out of it. Going to the movies is such a crap shoot anymore isn’t it? incidentally, that bucket of popcorn you bought? You owe me $8.50, but it is refillable on this visit only.

  3. We Found Him Captain! says:

    I liked your movie on Greek yogurt…….Next try Samoan yogurt it’s delicious and not so pasty.
    After watching your film, I clicked on the video of Jimmy Fallon and his band (lower right hand corner) with the female vocalist. I understand they are leaving soon on a concert tour of federal prisons. I have a copy of “No time off for good behavior” which they made into a hit record. They are just be my cup of tea.

  4. You don’t like the black cherry flavor? I’ll eat that one. The only other one I’ll eat is the key lime flavor.

  5. Betty says:

    I like yoplait. The only thing I do with Greek yogurt is use it as a facial mask. Very soothing for sensitive skin. The plain kind. No fruit.

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