Crippled By Imagination

That’s one entertaining bubble. (photo via me)

The first part of this tale starts here.

I turned the mason jar upside down. The big bubble slowly rose to the bottom. I flipped it again and watched the bubble fall back to the top.

A week and a half later, I am still watching that bubble in that full quart of honey.

The honey looks so good.

I want to taste it.

I can’t bring myself to unscrew the lid.

Blame Can Be Posthumous

There are a list of people I blame for my inability to open the jar of Danny’s honey. Yes, blame must be assessed in matters such as this. I blame the people I work with, I blame John Belushi, I blame my imagination.

People in the office insist on calling it Danny’s honey. There is no good reason that being able to associate a face with the name should make the product less appetizing. He simply kept the bees who made the honey. He did not produce it from his own body.

Belushi was a comic genius. Who could forget him dressed as a bee in those early Saturday Night Live shows? Not I. The thought of “Danny’s Honey” makes my mind put my friend’s head on Belushi’s bee suit.

I know that Danny gets honey as part of his deal with real bees who do not remember John Belushi. My imagination knits together my beekeeping friend, an actor in a bee suit and the act of creating honey. The thought freezes me each time I go to open that jar.


The bubble is getting less entertaining.

The jar won’t open itself.

That jar of Danny’s honey.

I’ve got to open it.

Why must honey be person specific?

Why can’t it be just honey?

Sometimes, thinking visually isn’t such a gift.


18 Comments on “Crippled By Imagination”

  1. Laura says:

    Would you feel better about opening the jar if you were wearing a bee suit?

  2. You’re over-thinking. The same thing happens to me sometimes when I go to open a box of Moon Pies. Are they really made of moon dust? Can I expect someone to moon me if I eat one? The answeres, I am happy to say, are No and sometimes, but the events are usually not connected.

    Try pouring it into another jar, something that Danny has never touched.

  3. Simon Elmes says:

    I scrolled past about half a dozen blogs, jsut skimming over the first few lines to get to this one. They were very good no doubt but I am supposed to be doing something else. Then I saw your bubble, and needed to know more. How very odd, well done. I don’t know you but I think your nuts (that’s intended as a compliment incase it doesn’t show by the way) I will leave you to your honey (or is it Danny’s ) and will try to resist the urge I now have to find out if my own honey in the kitchen also contains any bubbles

  4. Anonymous says:

    I’ve got my non sequitur on today:

    1. The bubble in the jar reminds me of a lava lamp. Not Danny’s lava lamp. Just a lava lamp.
    2. What is the DP challenge? (In your tags)
    3. The UM homecoming football game in 1981 (or maybe 82) fell on Halloween weekend. A bunch of girls from Elkton 4 who dressed up like the SNL bees. I may or may not have known one of them.

  5. Seriously? My comment disappeared? How am I supposed to recreate such brilliance? Augh.

  6. Christy says:

    I dont know if you knew this or not but being distracted or entralled by something so simple is a sign of pure genious. I know this because I was once distracted by a dandelion.

  7. Debbie says:

    Did you know honey is the only food that never spoils? I read that somewhere and am sharing it with you. So it’ll be ready whenever you are. Looks good, too!

  8. Blogdramedy says:

    All I can think when I look at that bubble is…It’s ALIVE! I hope you have it safely stashed and not sitting on your night table. At night. In the dark. While you’re sleeping. 😉

  9. Betty says:

    It’s easy to get stuck in (or captivated by) a bubble.

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