Sunday Film Series – Christopher Cross’ Greatest Hit

Remember Christopher Cross? I think he was from the ’80’s, wasn’t he?

He had a hit song, Ride Like The Wind.

This isn’t about that song, it is about the other one.


12 Comments on “Sunday Film Series – Christopher Cross’ Greatest Hit”

  1. Spooky — I just walked in the door from a long drive and when I was almost home, “Sailing” came on the radio and I thought, “I haven’t heard this song in ages.” You’ve got reach.

  2. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    I still like that song even though it has that sappy, sweet quality to it. However, I’ve never read the lyrics, so it could be all about killing and war and other brutal things.

  3. Pie says:

    I prefer Ride Like The Wind, but that was a great interpretation of his other hit. I never did like his theme to the film ‘Arthur’, though I know it was very popular.

    Whatever happened to him.?

  4. Not bad, but I was hoping for some snazzy special effects involving the Moon and New York City.

  5. I strangely stumbled on this video and it caught my eye. This body of water looks very familiar. Where is this? Thanks.

    P.S. Awesome blog!

    P.P.S. I do strangely stumble and my eye is fine.

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