Go Buy Clyde Roy’s (And His Son’s) Book

I don’t do book reviews. They just are not my thing.

Even though I can’t draw, I’ll talk about art. I’ll talk about music in great detail, even though I can’t play or sing a note. I can write, but I don’t review books.

It comes with a top-notch cover, free of charge.

So, that said, I’m telling you that I like a book by one of my fellow bloggers and recommend that you get it.

Todd Pack has co-authored and published a book with his dad, Clyde Roy Pack. “Pretty Babies Grow Up Ugly” describes and muses upon superstitions and folk cures from the Appalachian Mountain region.

Clyde produced a newspaper cartoon called “Poison Oak and Country Folk” until 1998. He based the cartoons upon folk cures suggested by his readers. Many of the original cartoons are reproduced in the book and the suggestions drive the book.

Authors go on talk shows to promote their books all the time. It’s usually apparent that the interviewer hasn’t read the book, but they urge you to get it anyhow.

Well, I’m urging you to buy “Pretty Babies Grow Up Ugly”. You might ask, “why should I? How does this differ from a dopey talk show interview?” Let me count the ways.

First off, Todd and his Dad are not here.  Neither is some actress in a very impractical dress. I’m the only one here.

More importantly, I’ve read most of the book. Yeah, I know, most is not all. Give me a break, I work for a living. Most is a hell of a lot more than Jay Leno would read before he suggested that you part with your cash. I’m suggesting you buy the book. I’ll finish up before you because I have a head start.

The book is available for Kindle. If you prefer a real book and smite people with, you can order one from Story/ATOM Publishing.

PS – Don’t have a Kindle? You can get a free app for your smart phone that will allow you to read the book. Free app, $2.99 book. Dig.


19 Comments on “Go Buy Clyde Roy’s (And His Son’s) Book”

  1. Very nice of you to do the endorsement! I’m on it.

  2. We Found Him Captain! says:

    I’m getting this book as soon as I wake up! Good morning to you Sir!

  3. I’m impressed with how well you did this without the impractical dress. Thanks for the Story/ATom Publishing information. No Kindle, no SmartPhone. I’m actually just telepathing this comment.

  4. Betty says:

    I just downloaded to my Kindle. Thanks for the recommendation, Perhaps I will make it our book club selection when my next turn at hosting comes along.

  5. Lenore Diane says:

    Good to know the paperback is accessible via Amazon. Like Hippie, I have no Kindle nor am I smart. Wait. I mean, I do not have a smart phone.
    I look forward to the read. You did well, Oma.

    • k8edid says:

      You can get the Kindle App for your PC free from Amazon. I have it on my laptop and download books there to read. I’ve already finished this one on my laptop…

      • Lenore Diane says:

        I have it on my laptop, but if I keep my laptop in my lap for too long, it triggers my restless leg syndrome. Odd, eh? So, I don’t read on my laptop…. well, I do read words folks use for Words with Friends. (smile)

        • k8edid says:

          Yes, I noticed. I’m glad you play WWF, and by play I mean you actually use words that people use.

          I don’t read a lot of books on my laptop, but I’ve found that the right lap-desk helps a lot, and I have to put the footrest up on the recliner…then I’m so comfortable I want to take a nap.

  6. Debbie says:

    Thanks for the endorsement, Oma. Sounds like a good read — though I’m not entirely sure the book’s title is accurate. “Pretty Babies Grow Up Ugly”?? Not true in all cases, though I’m far from an expert. I’d prefer believing “pretty is as pretty does” and “pretty is in the eye of the beholder.” Just sayin’.

  7. Blogdramedy says:

    Consider me shoveled. 😉

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