First Love

Heather writes Becoming Cliche. It’s half tortoises, half kids and the last half is some really good humor. She agreed to bring some of that humor over to Blurt for Guest Post Week, although there was no prohibition against kids and tortoises in the contract. Stop by Becoming Cliche for more like this

We were in the spring of our youth, you and I.

Slender limbs basking in the sun.

I saved you from your sadness and called myself a hero.

We learn to live with our mistakes.

It came too soon.  You longed for space.

I felt your yearning, reaching, stretching for something more.

And I knew.

To keep you bound was to lose you forever.

Your wish was granted, and you bloomed.

And you stayed with me.

Months become seasons become years,

And I feel it in you again.

I see your stunted heart, and I know you long for more.

And I’ll give.

But this is it.

I swear, you stupid ficus tree,

This is the last pot you get.

I mean it!

I rescued this tree in college 20 years ago, and it repays me by outgrowing every pot I get for it. It takes $10 worth of dirt alone to keep it happy, and what am I getting out of it but leaves on my floor and a weird place for the cats to poop?


14 Comments on “First Love”

  1. […] I’m guest posting over on Blurt! Don’t worry, it’s Wednesday, so the post doesn’t have very many words. […]

  2. Debbie says:

    Nice twist at the end! You’re lucky — at least it grows and doesn’t just sit there, shedding leaves all over the place!

  3. I’d like to offer my plant-sitting services here. Actually, the mere threat of my plant-sitting services. My reputation as a(n) herbicidal maniac is known throughout the plant world.

    So, just casually start to “think aloud” whenever you’re around the tree. “Hmmm, we should really take the kids back to the Lego factory. Maybe the Hipster’s available to plant-sit.”

    That’ll put the fear of fertilizer in it.

    Great post! I laughed and laughed. Well, first I felt sort of tear-y, and then somewhat voyeuristic. And then I laughed and laughed. 🙂

  4. Blogdramedy says:

    Ficus can be fickle. Lucky for him he found a kind-hearted soul. 😉

  5. The Jagged Man says:

    I have a dog named Ficus. Besides nice post that’s about all I got. No really that’s it. Really. Well no: I was all tearing up and stuff( well about to) and you made me laugh dang it!

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