Life Is Better With A Pint Of Vermont’s Finest (Than With A Pint Of Creamed Corn)

When I was a kid, I’d rush through dinner at big family gatherings. Being in a hurry never got me closer to what I wanted, but I always hoped that it would.  When the rest of the family finished eating and the adults stopped chatting, it would finally be time. The white bakery boxes would reveal the treasure I knew they held. Cannoli.

English: Home-made cannoli at family's New Yea...

A beautiful thing. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Those crispy, creamy desserts were, for me, the point of those meals. I’m more careful about eating desserts than I was back then, but I’ll still sneak in an occasional cannoli.

I anticipated the arrival of Ben and Jerry’s Limited Batch Cannoli ice cream like I used to anticipate my aunt cutting the red and white string on those bakery boxes. Vermont’s Finest and the best that Italy has to offer. Two of my favorites combining forces could not miss.

As it turns out, perhaps those two favorites shouldn’t have gotten together.

B&J’s Cannoli is everything you’d expect of one of their concoctions – sweet, creamy, cold goodness. It simply lacks the one thing that would make it the perfect intersection of two great confections. That one thing is the flavor of a cannoli.

Ford KugaTDCi, Gen1 (from 2008), BEN & JERRY´S...

Maybe you could bring me some Phish Food? Maybe some Cherry Garcia?(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Beyond the chocolate covered bits of the pastry’s signature shell in it, Cannoli ice cream tastes nothing like its namesake. The ice cream itself has but two things in common with the pastry – name and color. Move past the name on the lid and the shade of the ice cream beneath, your cannoli experience is over. Pork chops, creamed corn, pecan waffles and this special edition flavor all taste equally like my favorite Italian dessert.

Despite the creamed corn reference, I want you to know that this ice cream is quite good. It is enjoyable, in ways that creamed corn can only dream of being.  Get yourself a pint, if you can set aside the fact that it does not taste like as it should.

It’s been said that a rose by any other name would smell just as sweet. I’d have to add that a dandelion that someone calls a rose is still a dandelion. Limited Edition Cannoli Ice Cream is Ben and Jerry’s dandelion.

Fellas, mix me up a batch of Phish Food. I’ll be right over.

So now I’m a food critic…or not. Actually, this post was fueled not just by disappointment, but by an invitation to write about Ben and Jerry’s from my friend Lenore. She’s got a lot of folks writing on the topic today. You can find more ice cream lit here, here, here, perhaps here, probably here, here for sure, and here of course, but then again here .

31 Comments on “Life Is Better With A Pint Of Vermont’s Finest (Than With A Pint Of Creamed Corn)”

  1. Blogdramedy says:

    You brought the cannoli AND the gun. All mixed in with creamed corn. Your trench coat will need some serious dry cleaning. 🙂

  2. I was also disappointed by their PB&J flavor years ago. You’d think it would make a good ice cream combination, but it was just terrible. I’d rather have creamed corn.

  3. Lenore Diane says:

    You did me proud, Oma. Through your disappointment, you did me proud. (Is that wrong?)
    I’ll rush over a pint of Phish Food your way. STAT. Or something like that.
    Thanks for participating!! This really was most excellent! (The post, not the Cannoli ice cream.)

    • omawarisan says:

      Thank you ma’am, thanks for te invitation. If you’re bringing Phish Food, if you can get the yogurt that’d be great. Love ice cream, but I’ve gotta be careful with it.

  4. Jill Pinnella Corso says:

    Cannolis are kind of a big deal in my family. Despite your review, might have to pick up a pint.

  5. I wondered about that Cannoli. Still research is research…numbers cannot be skewed.

  6. I’ve never tried creamed corn so my initial reaction to the post title was to consider giving creamed corn a chance. I’m glad I read the whole post.

  7. Debbie says:

    This reminds me of the pumpkin pie-flavored yogurt I recently bought. I happen to love pumpkin pie, but sadly, this stuff failed to live up to my expectations. Oh, it was almost the same color, but the consistency was all wrong — and so were the spices. Sigh. I’m sorry you, too, had to be disappointed in something you’d hoped to enjoy.

  8. Well, that’s disappointing. I’d been looking for this flavor in my area, but haven’t been able to find it. Now I’ll cross this off my list of things to do…

  9. pegoleg says:

    Funny…being compared to pork chops is probably NOT the ringing endorsement Ben & Jerry’s was looking for when they produced this flavor.

    I haven’t had a truly good cannoli for years – now I want one. Or two. With a Phish Food chaser.

  10. Pie says:

    I’ve never had a Cannoli and I don’t expect B&J will be selling that ice cream here in Blighty. I will therefore miss out on experiencing the disappointment.

  11. publikworks says:

    At least you gave it a try. Fun post.

  12. Okay, so now you’ve got me hankering for a cannoli. What’s your favorite kind? I’m starting to feel a round two here– best cannoli ever.

  13. I used to force my way through dinner – even if I was full to the gills – just for the dessert. I stay away from B&J FAR FAR FAR AWAY because I know it would be DEADLY for me.

  14. Wendy says:

    Chocolate Therapy. Enough said.

  15. I can’t wait to try this flavor! I haven’t seen it in the stores though. Hopefully our Scoop Shop will have it.

    I love Phish Food. It’s my favorite. Triple Caramel Chunk is good, too. So is Karamel Sutra. And…I could go on and on.

  16. Michelle Gillies says:

    MMMmmmmmmm icecream…MMMmmmmmm…caramel…

  17. I wonder what it’s like to drive around in a cow-patterned SUV all day. Do you suppose people moo at you? Would that be a good thing?

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