The Sunday Film Series: Minivan Versus Marching Band

I had the chance to catch my son and The NC State Marching Band on Saturday. I took in a football game as well.

Here is a time-lapse video of the band passing through the stadium. The band is well over 300 members, so it usually takes two minutes or more for the whole group to pass one point.

The time-lapse gave the band a sort of ant swarm feel that I liked, so I decided to give it another shot. The band exits the stadium after the video you just saw. They do a short performance outside, then come down an access road into the stadium to get ready for their pregame show. I made the next video from above that road.

The ant swarm effect took on a new dimension in this video. Just before the band started into the stadium, someone decided to leave in a minivan. It looks to me like the band chases the van back and overwhelms it. On the other hand, I may be biased.

Minivan versus Marching Band. Band wins.

More of the film series here.


15 Comments on “The Sunday Film Series: Minivan Versus Marching Band”

  1. Considering the van’s resemblance to a sugar cube, it didn’t stand a chance.

  2. It does! “Attack of the Killer Marching Band Ants”. I hope the minivan sustained no injuries, like they didn’t corner it and play “Sweet Caroline” repeatedly until the driver wished s/he were Manuel Noriega.

  3. Michelle Gillies says:

    That was great. It’s like watching one of those late night horror movies with zombies or something.

  4. robincoyle says:

    Nothing says College Football like swarming band members. I’m suddenly in the mood for a picnic.

  5. Anyone who has survived band camp can take a mini-van no problem!

  6. Lenore Diane says:

    I hope that army of musical ants took the minivan down. Goodness gracious, whoever taught that person how to turn around needs to go back to school.
    Both videos were excellent.

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