So, What’s With This Guy?

This is the Omawari-son – student, environmentalist, musician, lord of the dance, and friend to birds of prey. When he plays trombone and sings, the authorities dispatch an ambulance for the safety of those who are overwhelmed by the experience.

So, what’s with him now?

Well, final exams are over and he is back in town for a little while.

He and the N.C. State Marching Band will be traveling to Nashville during the semester break to play at a bowl game.

Some of you may remember the blog he wrote this summer documenting his summer internship adventures. He’s started a new blog, because apparently the writing required by a full class load isn’t enough for him. The new blog is Words From A Hat. Hope to see you there


26 Comments on “So, What’s With This Guy?”

  1. Michelle Gillies says:

    I shall check it out.

  2. Huh. I wonder where he got his clever sense of humor. I wonder…

  3. We Found Him Captain! says:

    I was told some time ago that the area of North Korea close to the Amnok River is the location where the main unicorn stud farm is located. My informant was employed there as a ranch hand who helped rope and brand the unicorns. He started by participating in the annual roundup before being promoted into the crew of ropers and branders.

  4. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    Love the uniform and his energy!

  5. I’d recognize that red trombone anywhere.

  6. robincoyle says:

    He sings and plays the trombone at the same time? He has talent!

  7. Love how all the colors are coordinated. Handsome kid! Nashville is fun!

  8. Debbie says:

    He’s done with finals already?? No fair — Domer’s just getting started!! Lucky you, having him home already. Lucky him, getting to play at a bowl game. In Nashville, no less. Interesting thingamabobs on his uniform, rather like spats for the arms. Looking pretty spiffy there!

  9. shoutabyss says:

    A fellow trombonist! FTW!

  10. Pie says:

    A handsome fella for sure. I love marching bands. I don’t think they do them here in Blighty, unfortunately. Will you put up another video of his performance soon?

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