Fire Is Bad, And You Should Be Ashamed.

Fire bad. Bad-ish. (public domain via wikimedia)

You know what I don’t like? Alright, there are a lot of things. In this instance, I am referring to fire.

This isn’t to say that I don’t appreciate what fire does for us. When the weather turns cold, fire keeps us warm. Cooking food makes it so much better. Without fire, the internal combustion engine is just a ridiculously heavy paperweight.

Fire is scary stuff. It ranks second on the list of things that scare me. (slugs are first on that list, they’re repulsive) Fire destroys property and lives. If you can put the destruction aside, fire isn’t so bad. I can put the destruction aside to a point because of fire’s good side.

Aren’t we all obligated to speak up if we see fire acting up and getting out of hand?

At a basketball game on Monday I saw something that brought me to a disturbing realization. The world has become too impersonal for us to bother speaking up when fire gets out of hand. I was so disappointed.

The basketball was bad too.

I Looked At The Donut Cart. I Didn’t Eat A Donut

Among the food concessions in the basketball arena is a coffee and donut cart. Two people staff the cart. One pours coffee and collects the money, the other operates the donut making machine. As the machine drops batter into a vat of hot oil, a donut is born before the customer’s eyes.

Is this necessary? Not donuts, the fire alarm

Hot oil is dangerous, flammable stuff. If I were working at a coffee and donut cart I assure you that my partner would be the first person I would tell if the cart was on fire. That’s my obligation to another human being when I see fire someplace it doesn’t belong, like a donut machine.

This cart was the source of my disturbing realization. It had a fire alarm box on it, like the sort that you’d see in a school – “pull down in case of fire” is what it said.

You Should Be Ashamed

The donut cart doesn’t need an alarm. It isn’t a building with several thousand people to evacuate if it catches fire. There aren’t separate rooms. All a body would have to do if the cart was in flames is turn and say “hey, fire” to the person standing next to them.  That simple act, that short sentence, could save a life.

The personal touch is gone. People are already more likely to text one another than they are to have an actual conversation. Now, technology absolves us of the obligation to inform a friend that they’re standing behind a flaming donut cart. We should all be ashamed.

Use technology to type something explaining how guilty you feel.


15 Comments on “Fire Is Bad, And You Should Be Ashamed.”

  1. T E Stazyk says:

    I suppose the next step is texting to alert people to hazards:

    xQs me, bt ur abt2 gt yr (_!_) burnd realy gud f u dnt gt d hell outa hre.

  2. On a quasi-related subject, I once noticed a tractor trailer driver next to me as we sped through a tunnel on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. He was driving his big rig and texting at the same time. I suppose I should have been impressed, but I was too busy soiling my undergarments.

    Once the episode was over, I wondered if the CB radio banter had become a lost art since the advent of texting.

    On a more relevant topic; They make the donuts right in front of you?! I need to get out more!

  3. Todd says:

    So, really, it isn’t fire that bothers you, it’s fire alarms. If you dislike someone because of race, you’re a racist, so I think this means that, techically, you’re an alarmist.

  4. Michelle Gillies says:

    Guilty. I am guilty. I hate talking on the phone. In person I could spend hours with you talking and exchanging stories etc. I could look into your eyes and have a one on one conversation. On the phone I know you are doing something else while you are talking to me. How do I know? Because I am doing something else while I am talking to you.
    I use to like to talk on the phone but after years of witnessing someone who talks on the phone none stop I totally lost interest. Talking while eating (anywhere), talking while watching TV, talking while driving (hands free). Not talking to the person who is just sitting there beside you.
    OK, I’ve had my rant. I’m a skype girl now. I love watching my niece show me her dollies or helping another one with her homework. It makes the long distance a lot shorter.

    • omawarisan says:

      Thank you for admitting your guilt.

      Strange where our comfort levels lie. I struggle with conversations with normal people, but I can make small talk with armed, enraged people.

      Skype is cool.

  5. lbwoodgate says:

    the fire alarm on the cart could’ve been a new city code requirement, not that such things have to make any sense. 😦

  6. Could the fire alarm be there to alert other people –you know the people passing by talking to their mom’s, negotiating curfew by text, updating facebook, videoing the fire, tweeting about the fire…

  7. audreyhipbone says:

    In a tragic irony, fire is a very effective way of destroying slugs.

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