Sick Men Tell No Tales

So I’ve pretty much survived this week on Ny-Quil, Day-Quil and my home-made chicken soup. Yes, I am best friends with all the various Quils. I think chicken soup is a Quil. Chicken-Quil.

While I have done some good writing while on the green elixir of health, it didn’t happen this week. I think I’m about squared away now and will be making some new words next week.

If you’re looking for words, here are some old ones about how I will get into the music industry.

Also, this Sunday is Super Bowl Sunday. Hey did you know that the opposing coaches are brothers? No? Watch the game, I’m certain it will come up at least 20 times.

Anyhow, I’m on call again this Super Bowl. No party for me. I will be celebrating that this is my last year of being on call during the game by blogging during the game. Why blog during the game? Because it’ll keep me from barking at the TV, and I had some success with it a few years ago. Come on by during the game and keep me company since I’m (once again) not going out to play.


24 Comments on “Sick Men Tell No Tales”

  1. benzeknees says:

    On call during the game? On call for what? Is this like CNC? Hope you feel better!

    • omawarisan says:

      I’m making progress!

      You’ll tell me what CNC is and I’ll say to myself “I knew that”, but right now I don’t. Remind me?

      I am a hostage/crisis negotiator.

  2. Laura says:

    I hope you’re feeling better. Don’t forget to whip up another batch of chicken noodle for Soup Bowl Sunday.

  3. planetross says:

    There must be some back-up referee’s on call during the SuperBowl? … in case the original referee’s make bad calls.

    Sorry to hear that you’ve been sick. The only thing worse than being sick is twisted as well.

  4. Funny…I just read a comment (this morning) from February 2011 (that I somehow missed) about your chicken and sausage gumbo! Sounds spicy enough to cure what ails you, and would make a tasty Superbowl dish….with some left for over for the week. Just sayin’ Glad you are feeling better.

  5. Feel better soon. I could get through ANY week on Nyquil. Just don’t ask me to drive. Or operate heavy machinery. Or feed myself. That stuff is powerful!

  6. Debbie says:

    Sorry you’ve been under the weather but glad you’re keeping the NyQuil folks in business. As for the Super Bowl, I’ll be watching (but not rooting, as I have no dog in this fight). At least there’s light at the end of the tunnel — this is the last on-call you’ve got on Super Bowl Sunday (unless you get another such gig!)

  7. Did you have to call in sick? You, of all people, know all the tricks of the trade on that.

    Glad you’re feeling better.

    • omawarisan says:

      You know, I actually did call in sick. The only other times I’ve called in sick in the last 27 years I was on a gurney.

      That calling in sick post, on a bad week, gets 100 hits a week. It is crazy

  8. I know more people (virtually and face to face) who are sick than not. I gotta get some Nyquil stock before next winter hits. Feel better. By the way, what’s the line on over/under for Harbaugh brothers references? If it’s 20, I’m going to bet the grandkids college fund on over.

    • omawarisan says:

      Avoid the face to face until this stuff passes. It is bad. On the plus side, I sound like Barry White. On the other hand, I just don’t care to use it.

      Oh , I think it has to be at least 25 on the brothers thing. That horse is way past dead, so it isn’t really cruel to beat it, just sickening.

  9. spencercourt says:

    What I’m liking about impending retirement is that this is the last winter I’ll have to get up early for work when it’s cold!

    I’m not a football fan. I am a Quentin Tarantino fan and AMC theaters e-mailed me a “buy one ticket get one free” coupon to see “Django Unchained” on Sunday (only). With most folks at a Super Bowl party, I’ll have no problem getting a good seat…

  10. I’m sick too! And watching the Super Bowl is less fun this way.

  11. I hope you’re feeling better!

  12. Pie says:

    I hope you’re feeling better and had a good Super Bowl. Just think, this time next year, you’ll be able to watch it as a punter, rather than a man at work. Make sure you have NyQuil and chicken soup to hand. Just in case.

  13. Betty says:

    I hope you are feeling better by now. The one thing I swear by when feeling under the weather: Vicks Vapo Rub.

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