Cooking Gumbo With Oma – A Sunday Film On Monday

Last night I did some cooking for the Super Bowl. I made a batch of my chicken and sausage gumbo. The Sunday Film Series has slowed down a bit, so I decided to made a video of the process. Why wait until next Sunday?

My latest cinematic wonder, making Chicken and Sausage Gumbo, is less than a minute:

Writing returns with the next post.


40 Comments on “Cooking Gumbo With Oma – A Sunday Film On Monday”

  1. In my mind, it’s still Sunday because I’m just getting in from a Super Bowl party, so technically, this makes the second gumbo of my day. This morning CBS aired a great piece (misplaced modifier notwithstanding) by Wynton Marsalis on gumbo.

    I like Wynton Marsalis, musically and in his new role as journalist, and I really enjoyed his gumbo piece, but it did not include dancing peppers or sausage. I should have him give you a call. You two cats could do a groovy collaboration.

  2. T E Stazyk says:

    That made me really hungry!! Love the way the veggies lined themselves up nicely.

  3. benzeknees says:

    My first time viewing one of your videos – I thought there might be some talking, so I had my speakers turned up. To me the music sounded blaring, but hubby tells me I’m too sound sensitive, so it might just be me. Looked very delicious!

    • omawarisan says:

      I’m very high tech with these films. I use a lego movie app on my phone and just add the music they have available in the app. I think the only videos I’ve spoken in are when I boycotted the royal wedding and the ones that explain how to rig a desk with a greeting card.

      This was a great batch. Spicy the way I like it. Come on over.

  4. And now you are expected to post the actual recipe.

    My peppers never dance. How did you get the peppers to dance? Or was it running away from you in terror?

    • omawarisan says:

      That was a green pepper gavotte.

      The roux is about half a cup off flour and a third of a cup of olive oil. Cook that close to high heat until it turns close to the color of an old penny. Don’t walk away from it. Stir it a lot. It will go from not done to burnt really fast if you walk away. It will smoke a lot and smell like it is burning. As long as it isn’t sticking to the pan, you’re good. Take it off the heat. It will keep cooking until the pan cools a bit. keep stirring it.

      Chop a big green pepper (i had 2 small ones), an onion and some celery. Heat the roux, dump the vegetables in along with some garlic. Cook them until theyre just crisp.

      Add two of those big juice box things of chicken broth. Then a couple of cooked chicken breasts, chopped, and about a pound of sausage.

      Andoille is the best sausage to use, but I’ve done it with a lot of others, including low fat smoked sausage. It just isn’t as spicy.

      Add some red pepper, bay leaves and a bag of cut okra. Bring to a boil then cut back to simmer. Simmer about 20 minutes. Serve over rice. Great as leftovers.

  5. Wendy says:

    I especially enjoyed the green peppers’ homage to The June Taylor Dancers.

  6. planetross says:

    I have learned something today: what Gumbo is.

    It looks very tasty; I like things on rice!

  7. I liked the spinning peppers. They dance better than I do!

  8. Pie says:

    Does it matter is you use red peppers?

  9. Debbie says:

    Fascinating. Maybe because I’m from Southern lineage, we use shrimp in our gumbo. I imagine the okra tastes the same regardless!

  10. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    I’m confident that this little video was far more fascinating and worthwhile than watching the Super Bowl. Even better than watching Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl. That is saying a lot.

    • omawarisan says:

      Were the coaches in the puppy bowl brothers? Coach brothers are fascinating in football. Yes….fascinating.

      • Snoring Dog Studio says:

        I don’t think so… At least no one went on and on about them. I loved the penalties thrown down – one for biting another pup’s tail and one for pooping on the field. Does this ever happen in the real Super Bowl? If so, I’d watch.

  11. You make it look so easy. That would have taken me hours and it seemed like it took you minutes. It must have been the veggies lining up for you so efficiently.

  12. Omawarison says:

    Also, alternatively for seafoodies, shrimp is an excellent sub…or add in if you feel like you can’t get enough meat. I cooked this all the time at the Banks.

  13. robincoyle says:

    Such drama . . . such action . . . what time is dinner?

  14. Mrs. Shouts from the Abyss says:

    Thanks for the belly laugh! That was awesome.

  15. Laura says:

    I really want one of those self-dicing onions.

  16. I love gumbo. This was awesome with awesome sauce all over it! More videos, more more!

  17. […] love gumbo and it’s almost Mardi Gras so this is the perfect time to post this recipe from a fellow blogger, Omawarisan.   Very cool that he posted the video, […]

  18. spencercourt says:

    I’m a big gumbo fan. So your spices are limited to bay leaves and red peppers? Or are you not disclosing some secret ingredients?

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