Only God Can Judge Me.

Gavel & Stryker

No, I’m pretty certain I can judge you, kid. (Photo credit: KeithBurtis)

The other night, I saw a man with a tattoo that said “only God can judge me”. I wondered how that related to me.

It could be that he does not fully appreciate my ability to judge others, including him. I examine people and decide how I feel about them. That judgment is not always correct. I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that I was wrong. A few times, disappointed.

The fact is, I am able to judge him.People judge each other. Making judgments about people is a survival skill. Do I trust this person? Should I be around them, or get away? Valid judgments we (and he) make all the time.

It is this judge’s opinion that this tattooed young gentleman judged (or, more correctly, misjudged) me and my ability to judge him. So, in my judgment, he is a hypocrite for judging me.

Since I’ve shown that I am capable of judging him, does that mean that he thinks I am some sort of deity? If so, he’s wrong. I’m apparently not even good enough to be The Pope. I may have to get a tattoo that disqualifies him from judging me because he is incompetent.

As I think about it, I might have to do that tattoo over two arms. Here is how, in my judgment, I’d have to do it.

Right Arm                                                                                                   Left Arm

Larry can’t                                                                                                 …because he is

judge me…                                                                                                  incompetent.

This two arm tattoo plan has some potential flaws. Imagine if something happened that caused me to lose my right arm. I’d have to spend so much time explaining my left arm’s incomplete and now misleading message.

I know you’re not reading this, kid. But on the odd chance you do, let me suggest something to you.

Consider living your life’s philosophy, instead of wearing it on your arm. It might also be a good idea to find a philosophy that puts you in harmony with the people around you. The one you espouse on your arm is not going to work for you over the long-term. You can’t exclude yourself from the consequences of your behavior, even if you declare yourself exempt in ink.


23 Comments on “Only God Can Judge Me.”

  1. I would have walked right up to him (in my mind because I know he was probably a big scary dude with a long bushy beard and sagging pants and gigantic muscles and a missing tooth and a crooked nose and calliflower ears) and say, “Oh yeah!! Well I’m an atheist so I’ll judge you all I want!!” And then I’d run like hell, which isn’t very fast so he’d either catch me because I’m slow or because I’d likely trip and fall anyway.

  2. Laura says:

    Would it change your opinion at all if you found out that he’d originally wanted “only you can prevent forest fires”, but the tattoo artist refused to do it because it was copyrighted, so then he had to come up with something new on the spot?

  3. We Found Him Captain! says:

    What a moron! He will be judged endlessly before God gets to him. Gone are the old days when a “real” man had only one small tattoo. Usually on his right upper arm and it depicted a red heart with an arrow piercing it and, the word Mom inside the heart. Back then even the Pope had a “Mom” tattoo.

  4. Debbie says:

    We all make judgments about others every day. Just reading your blog and picturing this fellow conjures up a judgment, whether he likes it or not. I agree with you that living one’s life philosophy is much better than tattooing it on our bodies — after all, what if you run into another point of view and like that better? It’s not easy, so I hear, to have tats removed. Better yet, have a T-shirt made with your philosophy emblazoned on the front or back. T-shirts can be tossed away.

    • omawarisan says:

      Whether he likes it or not…that is big. People assess him, whether he likes it or not, eve though he waves a misused, misunderstood, misquoted quote around as a shield

  5. My tattoo says “Only God, Judy Sheindlin, Joe Brown, Joseph Wapner, Harry T. Stone, Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson Can Judge Me.”

    How great was Night Court?

  6. I would like a tattoo that says “Respect my privacy” but that’s just an invitation for people to instagram it, thus defeating the purpose.

  7. robincoyle says:

    You would have to be careful the tattoo artist didn’t write, “because he is impotent” instead of “incompetent.”

    You might work your way over to my blog to see my post about the pope. But in you case don’t, I think you will get a kick out of it:

    I’m not going for shameless self-promotion here. I just want to hear your wickedly funny comment about it.

    • omawarisan says:

      Even if you were, you can promote here, shame or no shame.

      That impotent thing is why I wonder about the risk people take with tattoos, especially the ones with a big long stringy quote on their arm

  8. This is why I tell people all the time, never get a tattoo that says something! Not a persons name (except Mom), not a saying (especially in a language you don’t speak or read) and certainly not a Biblical quote (you likely don’t really understand contextually).

    Love tattoos, but one should always consider the message they send. Personally I want one across the palm of my hand, it will read “You are Stupid, shut up.” This way I can just hold my hand up when people are talking.

  9. I don’t like tattoos, they are tacky. I could make that sound less judgmental if I added “for myself” or “In my opinion.” But really, I just don’t like tattoos…so I guess I am a judger…On the other hand, I don’t dislike people who have tattoos…my aunt is a very nice person even if her tattoo is tacky. So, I guess I judge the tattoo more than the person. Unless the person with the tattoo is a jerk…and this guy sounds like a jerk. So I would judge him and his tattoo and probably try to avoid him. Sheesh, I’m confusing myself–maybe the guy is right I should just let God handle it.

  10. audreyhipbone says:

    I want a tattoo above my butt saying “I immediately regret this decision!”

  11. Lenore Diane says:

    So sad. The one statement the guy chooses to make permanent is a statement that will cause the very thing he is trying to avoid.
    I think my tattoo will be “don’t look”.

  12. spencercourt says:

    Anyone who’s been a juror, as I have been, has judged folks. I, and the rest of the jury, judged a guy guilty of DUI. It was a repeat offense, so there were some serious consequences.

  13. […] to you. The rest of us see what you’re doing, just as we see right through your counterpart, the gentleman who tattoos “only God can judge me” on his bicep. You’re making a pitiful attempt to exempt yourself from the rules the rest of us play by. […]

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