Matisse’s Mom Might Disagree

It seemed to me that I ought to write something for Mothers Day, but that wasn’t going so well.

I took a break from being frustrated and remembered, mid-break, that I ought to call my Mom and let her know when I would stop by for a Mother’s Day visit. We talked about our days, and then she remembered that she had something she wanted to talk to me about.

On the way in to where she’d left herself a note, she asked if I’d ever seen Antiques Roadshow. I told her I had, but not today. “Someone was on with what looked like pencil drawings, but they were done by Picasso and …oh here’s my note…Picasso and Matisse. You know about them, right?”

I do know about them, about enough to fill a thimble. My lack of knowledge about Picasso and Matisse doesn’t embarrass me. Neither of those painters made any effort to learn about me. What’s good for the goose is good for the painters, that’s what I always say. Well, not always, but in that last sentence, I did say it.

Mom continued. “This person had these drawings, one of them was by Matisse. It was just a line drawing of a woman’s head. Do you know how much it is worth? $20,000. I saw that and thought it was just like the drawings you do on your Blurt.” (I’m not certain, I think this is what she was talking about)

She went on to point out that in my drawings for my Five Minutes series, I look sad or happy as the story requires. She also pointed out that my drawings look like me without hair and they were very much like what Matisse had sketched.

You know, there’s one person on earth who will always look at you and see that baby from many years ago. She’d hang your art on the fridge too, even now. But if she tells you that your drawing looks like a Matisse, I’m sorry, Matisse is spoken for.

I’m still looking for something to write for Mothers Day. In case I don’t find something, head on back to my Mom’s favorite post.


18 Comments on “Matisse’s Mom Might Disagree”

  1. Au contraire, mon ami . Pablo and Henri speak quite highly of you. Except for the fact that you never, ever, ever put a period at the end of your Five Routine Minute thought bubbles, which aren’t really bubbles. It’s ok, though. I’m learning to get over it, and besides, when they start showing up on Antiques Roadshow, we’ll know they’re authentic if they’re punctuation-free.

    Happy Mother’s Day to Mom-awarisan.

    • omawarisan says:

      You know, I never realized that
      I went back and looked
      No periods, period
      Never realized that!

      • Please don’t start. That would be the equivalent of pre-colonoscopy prep medicine.

        I’ve come to appreciate it as one of your many endearing qualities, although I do envision myself strolling past a Blurt exhibit, say in a Smithsonian gallery or perhaps the Omawarisan Presidential Library, whipping out a red pen, and being arrested for defacing art.

        You know I say this in jest, right? I’m a big fan.

        Now,for the love of cauliflower sheep, will you pleasestop crunching your breakfast cereal so loudly?!?! 😉

  2. benzeknees says:

    Some of the things about us only our mother’s could love.

  3. Picasso supposedly once said that after learning to no longer draw like a child, he had to spend many more years learning to draw like a child. I’m pretty sure he put it more eloquently than that.

    As for Antiques Roadshow, I would fear finding out on TV that all my precious heirlooms are worthless junk.

  4. Debbie says:

    Nobody ever loves us the way our moms do! Nobody ever believes in us and our abilities the way our moms do. I think that’s what sometimes makes a mom’s job so hard — you’ve got to be affirming and encouraging ALL the time, even when the little ones have no “gift.” Your mom was lucky — you have gifts! Happy Mom’s Day to her!

  5. I would think your Mom is a pretty good judge of your artistic ability considering all the talents she displayed in her favourite post. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  6. I know I left a comment…Maybe, you delete my comment because you wanted to surprise your mom with my great idea for a Mother’s Day gift? I understand. I hope she liked it. . .

  7. My mom used to tell me I was BEAUTIFUL when I was 12. I never trusted her again.

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