Dear Gladys Knight

Dear Ms. Knight,

A train that is clearly not the midnight one. (public domain)

The weather was great this Saturday. I was out for a drive. The top was down on my car, the iPod was shuffling songs, and the introduction to Midnight Train To Georgia came on.

I turned it up.

Midnight Train is a great song. I suppose it has been good to you too. Whenever I hear it, the song requires me to sing along. For that reason, I’m glad they don’t play it during most funerals, or in court. People frown on singing in those places. Singing in my car is OK though.

In fact, it is so OK to sing in my car that I replayed your hit three times Saturday and sang along each time. I even did it when I ended up at a stop light. Getting older has made me care a lot less about what strangers think about what I do.

So What Is My Point?

Gladys Knight and the Pips perform aboard the ...

I can’t dance. I can’t sing. I can hold my own in a suit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ma’am, I’ve noticed that the internet is really good to kids. There was that young man who asked to play piano while Billy Joel sang New York State Of Mind. The video of that made the internet, now he’s got music available on iTunes. And kids putting up videos asking celebrities to go to the prom with them are all the rage. Somehow, that is working for them.

Maybe it is time to make the internet good to older people too. Let me assure you, I am not asking you to my prom. That ship sailed back in the ’70’s.

I would like to sing Midnight Train To Georgia with you. Well, not really with you. I just want to sing the background parts.

No, I don’t want to be a Pip. The Pips were artists, as you are. I am no artist and would not emulate them. That’d be disrespectful of me, don’t you think?

So Let’s Flesh This Plan Out

I can’t sing or dance. Those things are not obstacles to what I want to do. I would like to sing Midnight Train To Georgia, with you, in my car, with the top down.

Imagine this. I’m driving along, singing along with you. I’ll hear you sing “said he’s going back to find”…and I’ll respond “Going back to find”…and you’ll sing your part…and I’ll sing “when he takes that ride”…and you’ll sing your part. Here’s where it gets good.

We’re at a red light, a person in the next car looks over at this clown singing Midnight Train in his car. They start to snicker, until my part comes up again and I sing  “guess who’s gonna be right by his side?” I’ll sort of tip my head to the side as if to say, look who is in the car with me…because that’s what I’ll be saying. You’ll growl out “I’m gonna be with him” and I’ll follow with “I know you will”. The light will turn green and we’ll drive off.

The other car will still be at the light after we leave. The driver will be asking the passenger, “was that guy really singing with Gladys Knight?”

Word will spread. By agreeing to do this, you will make it safe for all of us out here in the world who sing Midnight Train To Georgia to belt it out with you without fear of being judged by our fellow motorists.

I’ve got the car and know all the words.

I don’t sing well, but I’m told I do it with conviction.

Or maybe I should be convicted for singing.

Please get in touch.

I know you will.




17 Comments on “Dear Gladys Knight”

  1. The kids use video . . .Maybe you could do a video to go along with this letter. Wait, maybe this video should star your Mom and Dad and then insert yourself into the mix. It would work. I’m sure of it. Viral.

  2. Laura says:

    How big is your car? Would the Pips fit in the back seat?

  3. Too late. You’re already a pip. But I say that in a (blog) loving spirit.

    Remember Night Court? I wonder if Judge Harry ever had Mel Torme sing “Midnight Train…” He would’ve been fine with your plan. I know he would.

  4. Great song and I know you could totally rock it with Gladys. My fear is that the person in the next car would not be age appropriate and would not recognize Ms. Knight.

    • omawarisan says:

      We might have to do it a few times to make sure we get the right person. I’d be happy to do so as long as she is game.

      I’m going to have to mount some cameras on the car to do the video.

  5. I had a similar idea. I memorized all of the words of the I Threes for the background vocals on “No Woman No Cry”. I’m no Judy Mowatt, but I like to think I’d make up for talent in enthusiasm. Sadly, Rasta Bob passed before the internet was invented, so I couldn’t hope for the whole scheme to go viral. On the bright side, I don’t have a convertible, so passing motorists are safe from the sounds which come out of my pie-hole.

  6. Debbie says:

    Lucky you, not minding what other drivers are thinking as you belt out songs with Gladys. Me? I’m a bit of a shy singer, despite knowing the words and despite having what some folks might call a musical ability. Oh well. Sing on, Mr. Oma!

  7. pegoleg says:

    Don’t think small – ask her for a spot as a Pip. I’m sure you can do-wop with the best of them!

  8. planetross says:

    It would be a great video: song comes on the radio and the person who is singing it is in the car singing along with it … and omawarisan of course.

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