Five Routine Minutes: There Ain’t Room For Two Enfants Terrible On This Blog. One Of Us Better Leave.

Last week, I received an email from Michelle. Michelle is an editor at WordPress.

In the email, Michelle told me she was putting something together about humor writing for The Daily Post (a website where bloggers go to learn more about what we do). She envisioned a Q and A with a “bunch of hilarious bloggers” like me.

I’d like to point out that Michelle was the one who lumped me in with hilarious bloggers. I have the email and can prove it in court.

It was so cool to be asked, of course I agreed. I answered Michelle’s questions as if I were a real writer…

Today, on The Daily Post, thousands of bloggers are enduring my thoughts on being funny and the writing process.

Her decision to put me next to some good writers could lead to Michelle getting pink-slipped and possibly being banned from the internet.

I urge you to rush over to The Daily Post and read about what I think about my writing process and my voice as a writer…

Here’s the link. Click. Go over and say something nice about me. Maybe, just maybe, your comment might save this poor woman’s job.

Thanks to WordPress, The Daily Post and Michelle for including me in the panel. I had great time sitting around with the other writers after the discussion. We talked about writing and ran up the balance on Michelle’s company expense account.

PS – I’ve decided that being introduced as an enfant terrible rocks. I’m getting a neck tattoo that says l’enfant terrible.


25 Comments on “Five Routine Minutes: There Ain’t Room For Two Enfants Terrible On This Blog. One Of Us Better Leave.”

  1. I click to say something nice, but the link said Page Not Found. Ok. I’ll keeping looking.

  2. Blogdramedy says:

    With retirement coming up you’ll be available to take part in all kinds of panels. I’ll spread the word.

  3. Congrats! That’s awesome!

  4. dufmanno says:

    I’ve no process to speak of – unless you count vomiting forth everything that swirls around the drain pipe of my brain- but you… You are awesome my friend.

  5. List of X says:

    Hope the offers to get you to write humor for food are really pouring in now 🙂

  6. Nicely done, Sir. I’d say you managed to hold your own on that panel. I will be looking forward to more advice in the future.

  7. It was a pleasure to appear with you, sir. Sorry about spilling my martini all over you, though. I thought you were someone else.

  8. […] Five Routine Minutes: There Ain’t Room For Two Enfants Terrible On This Blog. One Of Us Better Lea… […]

  9. My Crazy NY Post-Grad Life says:

    Just started following you – you’re hilarious!!

    <3, Charlotte

  10. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    Definitely get the neck tattoo. And the acclaim is well-deserved. You really are a funny guy! Thank you, Michelle, for noticing, too.

  11. Pie says:

    I read that post a couple of months ago. I was filled with pride, knowing I was one of the first people to find you and knowing there will soon be a whole raft of new readers enjoying your humour as much as I do. Good work, Oma!

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