So, Yeah…


Mr.Peanut? (Photo credit: snebtor CC BY-NC 2.0)

I’m not here today, but I’ll be checking in by phone as the day progresses.

I was in the same state yesterday. That means no writing got done for today. I’m going to send you back to 2010 to a favorite post of mine that search engines just don’t seem to find.

Please enjoy Mr. Peanut – Behind The Monocle, Pain.

I should be back in the game on Monday. Have a great weekend.



5 Comments on “So, Yeah…”

  1. I may have missed something. Did you injure yourself jumping off the toilet? Are you stuck in the toilet? I should know this.

    Hope to see you Monday. Well, not see you. Read you. Because we’re in different states, and if I’m seeing you, it probably means I’m stalking you. I guess it would be okay to see you. As long as you didn’t see me with my spy gear.

  2. I’d like to see the turd do a little soft shoe. Maybe a video would be in order.

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