Mentos Lessons: The Dress

Gather ’round kids. The school of life is open and our teacher is, once again, Mentos.

We all try to get along with others, don’t we? I’ll admit that I have not been as successful with that as I’d like. Like many of you, I have people who I don’t mix well with. Maybe some of the folks you don’t get along with have become rivals.

An encounter between rivals is the basis for the short film that is up for discussion today.

Roll The Film Please, Larry

Let’s watch:

Plot Review

The setting of our film is a glamorous event, perhaps the opening of a film. Our heroine, let’s call her Amanda, is having a wonderful time. She’s excited about the evening and knows she’s looking fine.

Six seconds into the story, disaster. Amanda destroys her skirt with the heel of her shoe as she exits the car. This tragedy is not lost on her dark-haired rival, we’ll call her Barb. Barb has arrived before Amanda, is in the right place at the right time, and sees what she thinks is the end of her enemy’s night out.

They say that if a film doesn’t establish the tension between the protagonist and the antagonist in eight seconds, the plot never gets off the ground. Barb delivers a perfect “too bad, sucks to be you” face at the film’s eight second mark. Mission accomplished.

A number of different Mentos flavors

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mission accomplished indeed. Amanda looks defeated. In the midst of an “oh darn” moment, Amanda pauses. The viewer is left to wonder what’s she’s thinking. But then at twelve seconds, Amanda’s face brightens. This is the moment where she remembers that she has great legs.

Amanda pops a Mentos, bends over and goes to work. She starts tearing her dress! Barb is watching and makes the “girlfriend, you have lost it” face. Amanda keeps tearing, transforming her gown into a short dress that is even better than the original design. She throws in another Mentos, looks back over her shoulder at Barb as if to say “I’ve got legs for days, you know it, I know it.”

Amanda struts off with her date. At the twenty-six second mark, Barb beams admiration for her rival and her pluckiness. Amanda returns Barb’s gesture with a radiant smile and by sharing the secret of her success.

Lessons Learned

The first lesson of all Mentos films is don’t panic. Panic kills. Panic can kill a good time, or just generally kill. Have a Mentos, settle, and consider your options. We all have options, even if we don’t have great legs.

Rivalry is a good thing. I am better at so many things because I’ve been pushed by some top-notch rivals. Rivalry without respect damages all concerned. Barb appeared to revel in the situation Amanda found herself in. Negativity like that takes energy from Barb that could be channeled into her own self-improvement.

Mostly, this film speaks of openness. Be open to solutions in the face of disaster. Be open to learning from someone who you think has nothing to teach you. Be open to friendship.

Or something like that.


23 Comments on “Mentos Lessons: The Dress”

  1. List of X says:

    I would have made a clever comment but I don’t have a Mentos nearby…. Oh GOD I HAVE NO MENTOS!!! I AM PANICKING AND THERE IS NO MENTOS TO HELP ME!!!! I will resort to tearing up my pants and I hope this works to capture the magic.

  2. Two questions:

    1. How many times did you watch that clip to write this?
    2. How long do you think it will be before the jingle leaves your head?

  3. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    Stupid me! I would never have thought to rip my dress off just below my pink parts! I would have done something idiotic, like use a mentos to repair the rip. Or get back in the car and go home to sit on the sofa and eat a bag of Oreos. The heroine – wow – she is the McGiver equivalent of snooty wench out on the town.

  4. Wow! Mentos are magic. I’m going to have to start carrying some in my purse for all my life crisis situation.
    Can’t hurt…

  5. I’m never leaving home without Mentos again. Did you see how Amanda used the extra material from her dress as a kind of shawl…draped over her arm? Clever. You always have options…such a good point!

  6. Debbie says:

    Have to admire people like Amanda with her pluckiness! Most of us would probably have fled the scene in horror and taken up residence in the ladies room. That wouldn’t have made much of a film.

  7. Betty says:

    I’m thinking that if I was about to embark on a “glamorous” evening and put my heel through my dress, I’d need to pop something a bit stronger than a mentos. Actually, if that happened to me I would probably be in the ER because it would have resulted in a total face plant.

  8. knace says:

    How great is it that the good people at Mentos have striven to teach us, however subtly, (wow, that looks wrong but spell check says otherwise) this important life lesson, and not just sell us their refreshing, minty and potentially day-saving candy? Really freaking great, I say!

  9. Laura says:

    The whole message was lost on me because I was stuck on the fact that fabric just doesn’t work like that.

  10. I am never going to a red carpet event without Mentos again, I mean really how gauche.

  11. Blogdramedy says:

    *Blogdramedy scrambles madly for that Mento, covered in lint, in the bottom of her bag* She is safe until next time.

  12. pieterk515 says:

    I need a mentos. right. now.

  13. […] an earlier edition, today’s commercial  cinematic event features a woman handling a wardrobe malfunction. […]

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