My Review Of “The Man With The 132-Lb Scrotum”

In the course of checking the TV listings Monday night I discovered there was a show called “The Man With The 132-lb Scrotum” on The Learning Channel. As you might imagine, the title got my attention.

a bag of balls

A bag of balls (Photo credit: neil_mach)

I didn’t watch “The Man With The 132-lb Scrotum”, because there was a football game on. I don’t know anything about The Man or his show. I’m going to review the show anyhow.

The Review

“The Man With The 132-lb Scrotum” (or M 132 S, as the cool kids call it) is the pilot episode of a situation comedy series that is in development for the fall season on The Learning Channel. Television insiders question what viewers will “learn” from a sit com about a man with all that… down there. I’d say that they’ll likely learn as much as they learn from the 25 shows about “little people” that take up most of The Learning Channel’s broadcast schedule.

M 132 S centers on the life and times of a character named Jeff Sachs. Jeff lives in a cool apartment in New York City, just as all sit com characters do. Jeff has a couple of buddies and a former girlfriend who he is still good friends with. Think Seinfeld, except there is a fifth cast member who weighs 132 pounds.

Jeff is ambivalent about his extra-large bag. “It’s a problem to carry”, he says at one point, “but I never get crowded on the subway.”

Project bag 3

Not even close to 132 lbs. (Photo credit: secretblue3)

His friends love him, but they see Jeff’s baggage as, well, extra baggage. His ex, Lorraine, broke up with him because of it. Late in the episode, Jeff expresses a concern about his health. Lorraine replies, deadpan, “you’re right, those last two pounds make all the difference”.

Jeff and company are not above using what Jeff has to their advantage. A memorable scene has them waiting for a table at a busy Chinese restaurant. Jeff and friends grow impatient and approach the owner who asks them to wait patiently. Jeff steps in front of his two friends who had shielded him from view and says “you don’t have a table for four, perhaps you’ve got one for five”. As they head to the table, Jeff shrugs and says “it’s a blessing, it’s a curse.”

But, like its predecessor, “The Man With The 132 Lb Scrotum” is about nothing. Jeff Sachs ventures out to buy pants, hilarity ensues at his tailor. He waddles in to a party at a friend’s house and takes a seat; a guest mistakes him for a 132-lb bean bag chair.

Thumbs Up? Thumbs Down?

Though I didn’t see it, I recommend that you check your local listings and catch M132 S the next time it runs on The Learning Channel. It should be on between two shows about little people.


47 Comments on “My Review Of “The Man With The 132-Lb Scrotum””

  1. pieterk515 says:

    Liking the post would be considered awkward right?

  2. shoutabyss says:

    If a little scrotum is good then more is even better. That’s just logic!

    ” … accidentally smacked himself with his own leg …”

    Words I want on my tombstone!

  3. k8edid says:

    I couldn’t get my husband to change the channel to that show (something about a football game on or something). “But,” I told him “someone will blog about it tomorrow and I won’t know what they are talking about.” No amount of pouting or whining could persuade him so I refused to share my nachos with him…

  4. There are no words to express my relief that this is not depicted in stick figure art. Thank you.

  5. I need to watch this…so many questions.

  6. Katie says:

    So, I did watch this, but it was a little lackluster since it followed The 900 Pound Man. (Spoiler alert, the 900lb. man dies at the end. Yes, really.)

  7. Thank you for making me glad I don’t have cable!

  8. It takes cojones to go on the air with a condition like that.

  9. Blogdramedy says:

    I’ll watch when they do an episode on “tea-bagging.” Or maybe I won’t.

  10. knace says:

    Ah yes, The Learning Channel, or, as my husband calls it, The Freak Pointing Channel. – Not that I think these people are freaks! No, but seriously, if it was really educational, Richard Attenborough would be narrating it. “Nature can be cruel and unforgiving to the giant-testicled. Once again, his testicles prevent him from leaving the bar with a potential mate. Now he will die, ostracized and alone”

  11. Anonymous says:

    I came upon this while channel surfing. I…words escape me…I lasted less than 5 minutes. Mind boggling.

  12. knace says:

    I meant David Attenborough! Although Richard could have done it too, if he were still alive

  13. The amazing thing about the guy is that his testicles are actually normal size. Also, in a portion of the documentary which ended up on the cutting room floor, Anthony Weiner stated that having an enormous “scrote” – his words, not mine- could result in other parts of ones anatomy looking small by contrast. Finally, to answer everyone’s question to the boxers vs briefs dilemma, the answer is C. Neither, our guy prefers the comfort of an upside down pancho.

  14. pegoleg says:

    Remember when A&E stood for Arts and Entertainment and TLC was really all about learning? This is SOOOOOoo much better.

    I just hope it’s not on the same night as my shows, Real Pawn Stars of Vegas/Detroit/Hollywood or Peoria.

  15. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    Was it a TUMAH? I don’t really want to know, honestly. Because, frankly, it made me picture this – I weigh a little bit more than 132 pounds. So, it would be sort of like him carrying me between his legs all day and night. Ghastly.

  16. One of my co-workers watched this show. The next day she was bursting trying to work it into conversation. She finally just told me that she watched the show and then proceeded to tell me every graphic detail. I know the look on my face was definitely saying, “please stop”. I kept asking her why she would watch such a thing and she just kept talking about it.
    I like your version better. Hers put me off my food.

  17. 1jaded1 says:

    Hi. Just discovered your blog. It is very entertaining. I don’t have a tv so i miss out on these little gems from TLC and all other channels. I happened to be at my mom’s on vacation, and that title scrolled up the tv guide. We kind of looked at each other and I said, “Reason 1,529″…

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