The News This Week Is Next Week

Join me over The Nudge Wink Report!

nudge. wink. report.

The big news this week is that it isn’t happening this week. Next week is when the world will stop for Apple’s yearly declaration of new items that we will give them money for.

So this week, there has been no news on anything important:

  • Maybe the US is taking some action in Syria, but maybe not.
  • Perhaps the economy and the price of oil is either rising or falling.
  • In sports, Johnny Manziel’s parents may have raised a jackass. That jackass is brighter than their son.
  • This might be one of the slowest hurricane seasons on record, but September begins the peak of the season.

And in to this news void steps Apple with their announcement that they have nothing to say. Next week, they will have something to say. Next week they will say what they have something to say about, but until then we should talk…

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