So Anyway: If Eskimos Have Fifty Words For Snow

Hi kids! Guess what I did? I wrote something new. Re-run week is over. Click on over to Long Awkward Pause and read about pizza, snow and reindeer parts.

A sigh is just a sigh, or so the song says.

I beg to differ.

A few nights ago, someone asked me if a pizza I was eating was as good as another I’d had recently. I couldn’t answer. It wasn’t because one was so much better than the other. It was more because they were two different dishes with the same name. A linguistic flaw put me in a corner.

Nobody puts Omawarisan in a corner.

If Eskimos Have More Than Fifty Words For Snow…

A pizza is not just a pizza, just as a sigh is not just a sigh.

The blend of dough, cheese and tomato has so many permutations. Some versions of the dish barely resemble others that carry the same name. New York, Chicago and New Haven each have their own style of pie. Pizzas made by some of the big chain restaurants will barely…

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