In The Shadow Of Writer’s Block, Creativity Lives

If I were writing more often, I wouldn’t have to dust as much. (public domain image – wikimedia)

I’ve written this blog for almost five years. My ability to express myself has grown over those five years. My writing delivers my message more powerfully than it did at the beginning. I read my initial drafts and they make me smile. Being creative is cool.

Of course, my regular readers might have noticed that my creativity has not flowed in quite the same way recently. When I have an idea, the words to express it just don’t come. The ideas aren’t coming either. I suppose the nice thing about the lack of ideas is that I don’t have to struggle to express myself if I’ve no point to make.

I’ve had short periods of struggle before. Those periods make me certain that I’ll pull through this somewhat longer phase. My writing will flow again.

And yet, in the midst of this Sahara-like dry spell of mine, I run across occasional oases of creativity.

Yesterday, I took a break from my busy schedule of staring at an empty page. I didn’t realize when I opened the refrigerator that Creativity would be in there, peeking out at me from behind the yogurt.

Don’t thank the tortilla. Thank the tortilla machine. (image by el comandante, CC SA 3.0)

I had no lunch menu in mind when I went to the kitchen. But after a few moments in the cold glow of the refrigerator light, I found inspiration. The idea was so clear. Sometimes my ideas come at in opportune times that require me to remember them or recall where I left the note I made about them.This wasn’t sometimes.

A clear idea at a time when I could create! I went to work; this inspiration would not fall by the wayside.

I could smell my leftover Chicken Parmesan warming in a sauté pan as I gathered the other ingredients. A whole wheat tortilla and a layer of baby spinach provided the bed for my tasty chicken. A few strips of red pepper provided a last-minute flourish. I folded the end and rolled the tortilla.

Yes, it is true. I invented the Chicken Parmesan burrito.

No, don’t thank me. I’m just the vessel that Creativity filled.

I’ve still got it. If I could just get it on paper.


27 Comments on “In The Shadow Of Writer’s Block, Creativity Lives”

  1. T. Dawn says:

    “I read my initial drafts and they make me smile. Being creative is cool.”…I love that. And I have chicken parm left overs in the fridge. And tortillas. Thank you.

  2. Suddenly, I am inspired…to eat…my that sounds good!

  3. I was inspired earlier today, and put some feta cheese in my Mexican lunch. I should have considered editing before eating, but was too hungry to care.

  4. Laura says:

    That sounds really good. Do you deliver?

  5. “I’m just the vessel that Creativity filled.” Snort 🙂

  6. May I have a bite of your creativity? And do you have some with guacamole?

  7. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    Creativity sometimes just takes a detour into some other area. So, go on and create luscious lunches. I’ll still read your stuff. And, frankly, reading about your struggles makes me feel less uncomfortable about my block.

  8. […] In The Shadow Of Writer’s Block, Creativity Lives. […]

  9. It seems to me that experimenting with leftovers is a perfect way to get your creative juices flowing again. If not, then at least you had a yummy dish to eat your woes away with.

  10. spencercourt says:

    I wonder if I can claim credit for the Chicago hot dog tortilla….

  11. Genius! Now that your creativity has returned, I’m just waiting for the short story about a Parmesan Chicken Burrito that saved the world.

  12. I sure know what you mean about a void of creativity. When I feel like that I usually watch a lot of bad tv until something sparks. Thanks to you, I’ll just rummage around in the fridge for a burrito. It would sure save a lot of time.

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