Five Routine Minutes – Visiting The Body Shop

You might remember me telling you of a recent run in I had with an impatient jerk a deer.

came out of nowhere

The result was some damage to the side of the car. We weren’t hurt, that was a blessing.  I guess it was not so bad.

When there is a collision there is the insurance and body shop business that you have to handle. I drove the car to a body shop for an adjuster to do a repair estimate.


What I saw when I arrived shocked me.

The entire side of the body shop where customers park was damaged. It seemed that some people who drove their cars in for repairs enjoyed impact so much that they just went on and crashed into the side of the building. I’m not exaggerating how badly damaged this building was; there was damage in front of every customer space. In several spots it was plain that there had been a bunch of collisions with the wall.

I had to wonder if actually driving my car through the wall would make me the customer of the year.

customer of the year

But the sight of that building and realizing how very many times it had been hit, drove home a point that I’ve known for a while.

people are lousy drivers

So I guess I found some common ground with my old nemesis, the deer. Unfortunately, it didn’t develop into a deeper understanding between our species since he is, y’know, dead.

wastin time standing here

R.I.P Deer. Unfortunately, you run like people drive. Wish you’d have looked both ways.

And yes, in my ideal world, everyone loves and references Robert Earl Keen songs.


13 Comments on “Five Routine Minutes – Visiting The Body Shop”

  1. Did you ask what happened to the wall? Was it really just people thinking they were in reverse when they put their foot on the gas? I’d want names so I could make sure I wasn’t on the road at the same time as them. I know people who would think the body shop switched things out so they could get more work out of them and then switch it back when they are done. Paranoid much?
    Love the song.

  2. Betty says:

    Did you get yourself some venison meat out of that whole mess? When I was in high school, I remember hearing about a classmate who hit a deer. She went home, gathered up her brothers and brought the deer home where they proceeded to hang it upside down from the basketball net to drain its blood then butcher it.

    • omawarisan says:

      No such luck. The deer hit the car, stumbled, then kept running.

      When I was working, I remember a number of people wanting the deer. I wonder when people eat a deer that hits their car if they think that it is as tasty as it is destructive.

  3. As intriguing as your story was, I couldn’t help but wonder if your goatee and hat were going to show up in the drawings, or if you were going to stick with the Drew Carey version of Oma.

  4. tundrawoman says:

    “You say your deductible is how much? And you can’t afford your deductible? Hmm, well, this quote does seem kinda low. No worries-we can FIX THAT right here!!!”
    Mystery solved. Repeat customers guaranteed by deer and “Happy Endings” which are not exclusive only to “Exotic Massage” bid’ness, but the other kinda Body Work Establishments as well.

  5. Debbie says:

    Part of me feels sorry for poor Bambi. He obviously was left behind and never learned to read. After all, those Deer Crossing signs are meant for him to cross there. Perhaps he’s just the stubborn kind?! Glad you’re okay, though.

  6. spencercourt says:

    He’re an “insurance” story that may be… profitable… to you one day:

    I was at a gas pump and a woman backing out of the convenience store portion, a good 50 feet away, backed all the way into me and put a quarter size dent in my front fender.

    Took car down to body shop for an estimate. I figured they’d just “pound” it out for maybe $50.
    They wanted to replace the entire right front fender for $350. They gave me some story about why pounding it out was not good.

    I sent that estimate to her insurance company and they sent a $350 check made out to me only.

    So I asked around for a good mechanic and was directed to another body shop out in the boonies which obviously handled folks with little or no insurance. Owner didn’t even ask if insurance was going to pay.

    He said he could take 90% of the dent out for $50 or all of it for $75. While I was thinking about it, he suggested starting with the 90% and I liked that approach. He brought out a machine that “popped” the dent from the rear using compressed air. I could only see that there had been a dent from one angle and that was good enough for me.

    I paid him the $50 and had $300 for myself, which I used for a new computer.

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