Why Was The Flappy Bird Game Taken Down?

I’ve got a post up at Long Awkward Pause today that essentially says that well intentioned and fool are not mutually exclusive terms. Come on over and read.

The  smart phone game called Flappy Bird was not really on the radar for us here at Long Awkward Pause until we started seeing news that it was no longer available. Initially it vanished from iTunes and Google Play by its developer without any notice or explanation.

$50,000 a day, and he scrapped it (image via

Today, a breathless and not very flappy world finally heard from the game’s creator, Dong Nguyen. Mr. Nguyen took the most popular game available for iPhone and Android devices off the market because he felt guilty. Surprisingly, it seemed to have nothing to do with guilt associated with a first name that sounds like, well, the sound of a large bell.

Dong Nguyen stopped selling Flappy Bird games because he felt guilty that the game was addicting. Dong told Forbes Magazine that “…it happened to become an addictive product. I think it has…

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