The Other Reason I Couldn’t Be Like Donald Sterling

So you know I write for other websites, right? This is one I wrote for The Nudge Wink Report. You should head right over and read it, because you can’t read it all here.

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So we spent the better part of a week talking about how Donald Sterling, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, proved that money can’t buy you brains. But Donnie proved something else that he didn’t get as much press for.

Money can buy you love.

Famous archivist V. Stiviano, counting. (image via V.Stiviano/instagram)

The woman he was talking to when he said “don’t bring black people to my games” was 31-year-old V. Stiviano. According to the press, Ms. Stiviano was Mr. Sterling’s mistress. According to Ms. Stiviano’s lawyer, she was Sterling’s archivist.

Yeah, that’s what the kids are calling it. Ms. Stiviano was archiving Mr. Sterling. Donald Sterling is 80 years old. He is nearly fifty years older than the woman who is archiving him.

Having A Young Archivist Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be

This whole archiving business is the other reason I couldn’t be like Donald…

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