An Idea I Stole From A Baby

Babies. They’re nice people. Sure, they’ve got so much to learn about a lot of stuff and they act like it. But as a whole, they’re well-intentioned and likable.

I don’t know this baby. (image via solangg CCbySA3.0)

They’re so likable that it is easy to put aside some of their shortcomings. I don’t have many friends who wet their pants, but I’ll put up with that kind of thing from a baby. People who cry instead of just telling me what the problem is have no shot with me; babies get away with it.

Babies get a lot of slack, so I don’t mind taking one of their best ideas to suit my own purposes.

A Flash Of Genius

Yesterday, as I got out of the shower, I had a moment of brilliance. That’s usually how my brilliance arrives – by the moment and when I don’t have any way of writing a note about it. This idea was so good I was able to remember it minutes later without a note.

Some who read my blog are young and won’t understand how the fact that I remember an idea equates with that idea being exceptional. Allow me to explain. I am fifty-two years old. My short-term memory is not what it was. For instance, sometimes I get out of the shower and cross the bathroom to the mirror. By the time I look in the mirror I’ve forgotten how I got so wet. If I recall something long enough to repeat it a day later, that is one important something.

This is the kind of thing I’m talking about (image via

As I stood there, shivering and damp, I recalled those towels with hoods on the corner that we use to dry a baby. “What a great idea”, I thought, “why do they only make them for little kids?” My answer was, of course, that I don’t know why.

Get Rich Off Of My Scheme

I thought about the luxury of towelling off my hair, then keeping my damp head warm under a built-in terry cloth hood. I’d keep the hood on while I used the rest of the towel to both dry off and keep away the chill. That seemed like a very comforting luxury. I’m in to the comforting luxury scene.

Imagine how warm you’d be wrapped in a towel from head to toe as you made that chilly trek back to the bedroom after your shower. If you’re imagining a yellow towel, with eyes and an orange bill sewn on to the hood so that you look like a duckling when you put your hood up, stop that. The adult version of the hooded towel wouldn’t have animal faces on the hoods.

This idea appeals to me so much that I am passing it on to you. I want you to get rich on my stolen idea. I’m not patenting it. I’m giving it to you. Take the idea and run with it. Invest your money in adult-sized towels with hoods. The concept will fail if left to me; textiles and manufacturing are not my strong points.

The average person would love to have a luxurious towel with a hood. How do I know? Because I want one badly, and I’m as average as they come.


31 Comments on “An Idea I Stole From A Baby”

  1. Katie says:

    I wholeheartedly endorse this idea. Seriously. I always see these in the baby department and think, “What about me?” What adult wouldn’t want an adorable puppy hood on their head after getting out of the shower? For us ladies, I know that would make the impending horror of combing our hair a lot less intimidating.

  2. I feel like I’ve seen those, but if not, someone should get on it soon, and in a beach towel size.

    Could be all the rage at Spring Break.

  3. List of X says:

    Well, yeah, there are adult Depends, so why not towels with a hood?

  4. Dan Hennessy says:

    Definitely the adult version would have to have animal faces . Otherwise , what’s the fun ?

  5. motivatedbrown says:

    To be honest, sounds like a great idea… nothing negative about it. The issue is this… How many grown men/women will have the nerve to actually purchase an adult size puppy hoody blanket thing? Everyone has egos (except the people who shop at Walmart and don’t use mirrors before leaving the house) and you would have to fight that. Or hire Girl Scouts to sell them? Ha

  6. lbwoodgate says:

    I am more of an air dry kind of guy. Running around the house after showering not only accomplishes this but serves as great cardio-vascular exercise I need to stay in tip top shape. I’m not fully exposed however. I do wear my running shoes.

    What?!? More info than you wanted?

  7. Laura says:

    I think the hood idea only works for people with short hair. My hair is shoulder-length, and I use a second towel for it. If I switched to your version, I’d wind up with wet hair dripping under the hood.

    I do, however, like the idea of a giant floor-length bath towel.

  8. I was going to write a comment, but from the time I clicked “Post Comment” until the comment box opened, I’d forgotten what I was going to write.

  9. Betty says:

    I would buy one!

  10. Snoring Dog Studio says:

    Well, I see the attraction. And you wouldn’t be the first to suggest adopting the accoutrements of infant hood. Remember when the rage was adults sucking on pacifiers? I never got the lure of that and, really, how gross. There’s a huge difference between infantile and cute. I’d probably buy one of those towel hoodies if the head was a Boston Terrier.

  11. Blogdramedy says:

    I suddenly have an urge to cuddle you.
    But then, I’m full of flannel.

  12. I was so awestruck by your idea that my pacifier fell right out of my mouth! Luckily I caught it before any of the beer spilled out.

  13. Gerri says:

    I love the comment about your short term memory; mine comes and goes, I’m hoping with the importance of what it is I’m to remember. Enjoyed reading this, and it’s a good idea.

  14. OmawariMom says:

    Shut up! You crazy bast! You made me swallow my Pat Sajak pacifier…….

    From: pop-pop on mom’s iPad.

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