An Open Letter To Eric

Dear Eric,

Congratulations you on your entrepreneurial spirit. It takes guts and drive to open a business. My guts drive me in other directions, but I admire those who put themselves out there to open their own shop. You might think a guy like me wouldn’t feel that way about someone who has opened a body piercing shop, but I do.

Ow, OW! (image by Eric Magnan CCbySA4.0)

I admire that you’ve identified a niche you can market to. That niche – people who want new niches poked into their body – isn’t one I’m part of. But you are filling the needs of people who need puncture wounds and stimulating the local economy; good for you, sir.

Because I think I know a lot about people and a little about everything else, I’m going to point something out. Maybe you’ll think I’m presumptuous to say anything. After all, you know body piercing and you’ve got a business permit; you’re light years ahead of me, business wise. But I’m older. I’ve spent my life studying human nature and I have to comment on the most visible part of your marketing plan. Yes, the sign you have out by the road.

Sign Here

I won’t bring up how a hand-made sign affects the way potential customers assess your professionalism. There are plenty of MBA’s out there who can discuss the merits of drawing a sign with magic-markers. I am going to bring up what you wrote on that sign.

These might be exactly what you needed to make a sign for your shop. I’m not judging you on that, much. (image public domain)

There is a certain pride in owning a business and putting your name on it. Sometimes that works out well. In this case, it helped you a little because I feel comfortable addressing you by your first name. Thanks for putting it out there for me to use.

Feeling comfortable and knowing who you are dealing with is important for your customers. If I were planning to get something pierced, I’d be comforted by the feeling that I was on a first name basis with you. When I got nervous, I could say things like “it’s cool, Eric knows his stuff” to settle myself.

But I think calling your shop “Krazy Eric’s Body Piercing” isn’t presenting the image your customers need from you. “Krazy” doesn’t positively change the impression potential customers have of you. That’s why you’ll never find a business called “Krazy Eric’s Neurosurgery” or “Krazy Eric’s Tutoring Center”.

Spelling Counts. Stop Asking.

The number of jobs where you can be “krazy” is small. In fact, unless you are part of your local radio station’s morning zoo crew, “Krazy” should never be part of your name. Eric, you’re in the business of poking holes through your customer’s flesh. They want stability. They want to have confidence in the person who is piercing them. Not many people are going to believe that you’re stable and confidence inspiring. Why? Because you’re calling yourself “krazy”.

I don’t know how you became Krazy Eric. Maybe it was that incident after school that one time. “Krazy” fit you back then, but it’s not a good nickname for an adult.

Oh, one other thing. Remember back in school, when there were tests and you asked the teacher if spelling counted? You’re in the real world now. Every day is a test; spelling counts on every one of those tests. Maybe you think that “krazy” makes you seem as if you’re too crazy to care about spelling. It doesn’t. It isn’t even a word.

I’m not telling you what to do. You understand business, I don’t. But if I were you, I’d stop at Target on the way to work today. I’d but a fresh set of markers and some poster board and I’d make a new, non-krazy, sign.

Best of luck to you, Eric.



5 Comments on “An Open Letter To Eric”

  1. Blogdramedy says:

    This post was way kool and didn’t centsationalize the topic. You know more than you think, Oma.

  2. Perhaps Eric was modelling his business moniker in the spirit of Krazy Glue, which may or may not be suitable for filling undesirable body piercings.

  3. Tito Puente and his orchestra says:

    I think Crazy Eric pierced the eyelids of Kim Jong Un of North Korea during half time at a North Korean basketball playoff last month.Kim Jong didn’t like the results. He now looks like Spongebob Un. Crazy Eric is serving time in a N. Korean cell he is sharing with a cell mate called Cay Cotz a 540 lb. Sumo wrestler who is using Crazy E. for a practice dummy.

  4. Violett says:

    Actually, if you did your research… You’d see that Eric’s made quite a name for himself and does not need your “helpful hints”
    And it’s not Eric’s store, it’s Lifestyles. Eric was just featured there. It’s more than just a piercing place.

    • omawarisan says:

      Actually, there’s not really research to be done on my own opinion.

      As to Eric’s success, good for him! I wish him well. I don’t know the man and I don’t know you. I’m pretty certain I established that I admire folks who go into business. Whether he is on his own or part of a larger business doesn’t change that opinion.

      I’ll stand by my opinion that Krazy isn’t a word, nor is it a good idea as part of a business name. I just wouldn’t go someplace where sharp things and “krazy” are connected.

      I hope, whether we are talking about the same Eric or not, that he’s successful.

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