A Bar Joke That Nearly Was

Today’s work is over at Long Awkward Pause. Go on over for the sad tale of the joke that nearly was.

I have had a goal for a long time. It hasn’t been my only goal. I’m working toward other important goals, like owning a blimp and having my own mariachi band. What I’m talking about is my most important goal.

A guy walks in to a bar. Five bartenders ask if they can help him. I don’t have a punch line. (image public domain)

I want to be part of a bar joke.

You know the jokes I’m talking about, right? Someone, or a group, walks in to a bar and the joke lies in their interaction with the bartender. For example: A guy walks in to a bar. He’s carrying jumper cables. The bartender says “you can stay as long as you don’t start anything”.

On Friday night, I was close. So stinkin’ close.

The Joke Sets Itself Up

My wife and I went to our favorite Italian…

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