The Best Money I Ever Spent Smiles Back

On my way to Raleigh. Tomorrow is my son’s Senior Day performance with the NC State Marching Band, his last show in front of the home crowd.

It’s been a long time since he got his first horn in middle school. Here is a piece I wrote about that horn during his freshman year at college (you’ll have to hit “view original” below to see the whole thing) . It’s been a great ride.

And it turns out that rent-to-own isn’t always a sucker’s bet. Usually, but not always.


bass clef

The Best Money I Ever Spent sits quietly in a black hardshell case in a closet.

In the right hands, it can be assembled and ready to go in moments. It is quiet and dark in the case. When those hands open the case and carry it into the light, it sings again. I’ve smiled anytime The Best Money I Ever Spent sang a note.

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4 Comments on “The Best Money I Ever Spent Smiles Back”

  1. My son started band this year. I hold much hope that he will get as much out of it.

    • omawarisan says:

      If youve got time, get involved in volunteering with his band. Youll both grow from the experience.

      Also, you’ll know all his friends and their parents. Worth every moment you spend x20.

  2. Azaliah says:

    My good friend Shere was a gifted violinist, but she hated practicing. Every time her dad told her to practice she’d make that fiddle wail and screech like an old, chain-smoking beluga whale at a Janis Joplin sing alike competition…on meth and vodka.

    Well, she was supposed to get first chair in violin in seventh grade, and when she got fourth chair because she had too many tardies, she told her dad, and he refused to o to bat for her. Said the teacher was being polite. (Ouch)

    I wonder if she quit the whale routine after that. I guess I never really asked. Though, that was a very long time ago.

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