The Gavle Goat Is Still Standing, So Far

Christmas week is kind of slow on the blog. People seem distracted from their usual overwhelming desire to read my silliness. So, I’m recycling some old material in this week’s posts and will focus on writing fresh stuff for next week.*

I’m opposed to arson, but how do you not burn this down? (image by Tomiwoj, CCbySA3.0)

Today’s recycled bit is about one of my favorite Christmas traditions, The Gavle Goat.

Every year, in Gavle, Sweden, they build a giant goat out of straw. And almost every year the goat gets burned down. Last year it burned on December 21. As of the time I’m posting this, the goat has not gone up in flames. I think the goat is on borrowed time.

If you’re interested in knowing when the goat does get torched, you can check The Gavle Goat’s webcam by following this link.

And, if you have a burning desire (see what I did there?) to read last year’s discussion of how The Gavle Goat inspires me, please follow this link.

* Ok, secretly, I’m scared that North Korea will find out that I planned to write about Kim Jong Un and so I had to scrap my plans. PS, how lame are you, Sony?


6 Comments on “The Gavle Goat Is Still Standing, So Far”

  1. Samara says:

    Guess what? I didn’t just hit “like.” I actually read this. And, for extra credit, I actually read last year’s link. How’s “get my goat” going?

    • omawarisan says:

      Thank you! Get My Goat hasnt taken off yet. Im going to have to pull in more money with the blog to become an internet millionaire and then Get My Goat will become a thing.

  2. pegoleg says:

    Same thing going on at my place. As Hippie said, that means we get recycled comments. Consider this a repeat of the funniest, most complimentary comment I’ve ever left.

  3. Recycling is the way to go with the holidays. I hope you don’t mind that your gift bears a striking resemblance to the one Blogdramedy sent me last year. Happy Holidays!

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