Commemorating My Parents’ Anniversary

It has been a busy week around the Omawarisan home. We’ve been dealing with a hospitalized relative. That’s left us short on play time and me without much of a chance to write.

But it has also been an important week; my folks celebrated their fifty-fourth anniversary the other day. So, to let you know I’m still here and to celebrate my parents, I’m pointing you toward two pieces I wrote some time back.

My Mom Versus Reverend Moon tells the story of how the Moonies tried to recruit me into their cult during my freshman year at college. I’m still not certain that my mom was not involved in the Reverend’s demise.

You Don’t Become A Baseball Player By Putting On A Uniform relates some sage advice I got from my dad back when I played Little League Baseball. We both remember the story slightly differently. In the end, life validated his advice…as usual.

I’ll have fresh stuff written for next week.

Congrats Mom and Dad, and thank you!


8 Comments on “Commemorating My Parents’ Anniversary”

  1. Sandy says:

    I love your parents !!! Please give them my best wishes !!!

  2. wineaux62 says:

    Wait! Aren’t you turning 54 soon!!! 😋

  3. We found him captain!! says:

    It was our pleasure watching you for the past 53+ years. Italian old timers use an expression “per cento anne” which translates in English as ” May you live to be 100″. The woman I love has done a fine job of raising two little boys into very fine gentlemen. Thanks for the memories……dad

  4. Debbie says:

    Aw, congrats to the Oma’s parents. They’re an upstanding example for the rest of humanity to live up to!

  5. Your parents definitely did right by you. I hope your family member is on the mend.

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