The Italian Cruise Ship Disaster: The One Fact No One Else Is Giving You.

Today, cruise ship captain Francesco Schettino was sentenced to sixteen years in prison for his role in the Costa Concordia disaster.
Never one to miss a potential writing prompt, I dashed this off around the time of the ship’s sinking. Sort of sinking. More of a tipping over, really.


English: Costa Concordia Polski: Statek pasaże...

I am an inquisitive person. I see things. I think about them. I ask questions. Things like the Costa Concordia disaster in Italy raise questions in my mind, and I am certain they do in yours.

  • How does a modern ship like that get off course?
  • Why would you wait to tell the passengers things aren’t going well?
  • I always heard the captain goes down with his ship. Why was Captain Francesco Schettino on one of the first lifeboats?
  • Do the rocks the ship hit feel a little guilty, even though this wasn’t their fault?

There are any number of websites you can visit for answers to those and other questions. There are even transcripts of the radio conversation between Captain Schettino (safe in his lifeboat) and the Italian Coast Guard as the captain sailed away from his sinking ship and its frightened passengers.

But you don’t come here for…

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