Five Routine Minutes: Sharing A Diet Coke With Omar

I haven’t run a Five Routine Minutes post in a while. For those who haven’t seen one before, this is the most poorly illustrated series on the net. Also, many times, what’s depicted doesn’t even add up to two minutes. But I like the idea as a goofy way to tell a story, so I’m resurrecting the series.

My wife has had to work a few recent weekends. That’s not typical and we’re taking it in stride. She’s done a lot of it at home. But this weekend she knew there was an event I wanted to attend.

Artist’s note: Despite what the drawing shows, my wife does not look like me. That would be creepy. Also, my goatee does not make my face look fat.


I had a great day. And then, disaster. I could not get home in time for dinner. So many cars collided leaving the event that I didn’t even get out of the parking lot until after we planned to eat, and I still had to drive an hour to get home.

Between the wait to leave the parking area and then the drive, I’d become thirsty. I didn’t want to stop and make my lateness worse. Eventually, thirst and logic teamed up to get me to stop for a beverage to drink during my drive.


I went in to a convenience store and grabbed a Diet Coke. It was in one of those bottles that says “Share A Diet Coke With…” and then has a random name. Remember, they did that last summer too?

The bottle I grabbed said “Share A Diet Coke With Omar”. I walked to the register, looked at the guy who was there to ring me up. His name tag said…



Yes, I’d grabbed a bottle with the clerk’s name on it. I’ve never won a raffle, but managed to defy the odds in this situation. Perhaps I could win a raffle if the prize were a convenience store clerk, but I’d rather not.

Omar reached out to take the bottle so he could ring it up. I held on to it and my imagination ran for a moment.


My wife was already dining alone because I’d been stuck in traffic. I didn’t need to be committed to time with a stranger because of a beverage choice. I excused myself from the situation, returned the bottle to the cooler and grabbed a commitment-free Diet Pepsi.

Yes, it was a weird thing to do. Not as weird as explaining why I was yet another hour late.


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11 Comments on “Five Routine Minutes: Sharing A Diet Coke With Omar”

  1. pegoleg says:

    To hell with buying a Pepsi, you should have bought a lottery ticket. What are the odds?

  2. LRose says:

    Funny young Brit also likes telling stories with “stick man.” You might enjoy?

  3. pieterk515 says:

    Would have done exactly the same…haha

  4. Blogdramedy says:

    That’s when you whip out the iPhone and text your wife. Because Oma meets Omar? A very shareable moment.

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