Drunk Moon Photobombs Earth’s Selfie

The last really good portrait of earth was taken from the moon back in the 1970’s.

If I were Neil Armstrong, the first words spoken from the moon would have been “Hey, I can see your house from up here” (image public domain.

Perhaps you think that the 1970’s were a long time ago. I don’t happen to agree. As you know, the standard method of deciding if something was a long time ago is if I remember it. Whether you remember an event doesn’t matter, I am the standard by which “a long time ago” is measured. I remember photos being taken from the moon so that was a pretty recent happening.

And despite that knowledge, NASA decided that we needed a newer photo of our planet. Unfortunately, we don’t currently have a photographer on the moon to compose the picture. This was inconvenient, but not discouraging to the engineers at the space agency.

Inspired by a trendy yet irritating item, NASA went to work. And so, the United States’ launched the first rocket-propelled selfie stick, called DSCOVR*. This week, we got a look at the world’s most expensive (yet inclusive) selfie. Millions of people are in the photos.

But we aren’t alone in the photos. We were photobombed…by The Moon.

Yes, The Moon inserted itself, uninvited, into our selfie. In a display of a lack of class, The Moon showed its Dark Side when it jumped into our picture.

After viewing the results of the ugly incident, I contacted a member of the NASA DSCOVR staff named Dr. Arthur Baker, who agreed to discuss the matter with me anonymously. Dr. Baker said that The Moon was drinking very heavily in the days leading up to the photos, entitled “Ultimate Selfie”, were taken. Moments before the shutter was triggered, Arthur Baker told me, sensors aboard the DSCOVR picked up what could be best described as “maniacal giggling”.

“The next thing we knew, The Moon ran across the front of our lens with its pants around its ankles”, said Baker. He added “we’re pretty sure he stumbled after he cut through the picture, then pulled his trousers back up and left the area, giggling”.

The Earth posted the photos on its Facebook page with the comment “OMG, The Moon was so ripped last night, y’all. Obnoxious, totally.”

The NASA/DSCOVR staff plans to take another selfie of our planet as soon as another space craft, called ROCKBLOCK is launched on its mission to protect future selfies from photo-bombers.

* The official NASA slogan for the DSCOVR project is “DSCOVR – bcz we dnt gv a dmn abt spllng”.


6 Comments on “Drunk Moon Photobombs Earth’s Selfie”

  1. Well if anyone has the right to moon someone, it would be…THE Moon! Right?

  2. LRose says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! And a couple of chortles to go with. Well done!

  3. “As you know, the standard method of deciding if something was a long time ago is if I remember it. ” Ha!

    • omawarisan says:

      No, really, historians call me all the time. “Can I study (insert topic here)?” There are still a lot of things that I have to say no to because I remember it happening. I’m single handedly destroying the history industry in this country. That’s sad, because I love history and it is so important, but I can’t lie about things to them.

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