So We’ve Got That Goin’ For Us

It’s been a little tough to get my writing done the past few weeks. Unfortunately, I had to go on vacation with my wife and a lot of my other friends. And of course, I picked up a cold as a souvenir. Then I had to have surgery.

To clarify, I did not have surgery to cure the cold. Everyone knows you starve and/or feed a cold. I had to have surgery to repair a hernia.

I had my goons stand around during the surgery to make sure there was no funny business. (image, public domain)

Yeah, somehow I ended up with a hernia. Two, in fact. See?! Writing is hard work.

I Got A Hernia From Writing, But Anyhow…

I’m a nice guy. There are people who would take issue with that. This isn’t their website, so you’ll have to take my word for it. I am nice.

I also believe that medical folks, especially nurses, are special people worthy of exceptional respect. And it is important to be kind to people who are going to sedate you and poke you with sharp stuff. So when I went to the hospital yesterday for surgery, I was very nice to everyone.

My wife and I made jokes with the nurses who checked me in. I said “please”,”thank you”,”yes sir” and “no ma’am”. We had fun with and listened respectfully to the medical student who came and introduced himself, as well as the anesthesiologist and the operating room nurse. Before the first dose of sedation and my trip toward the OR, the nurse who looked after me in the pre-op area said “someone else will be taking care of you when you wake up, but I wish I were”. That was nice to hear.

Tangent Alert

Let’s take a little side trip here. As a courtesy to anyone considering kidnapping me, I’m going to pass this little tidbit on – it doesn’t take much to sedate me. They put something in my IV right after the nurse said that kind thing. “It’ll help you relax a little”, they said. I went way past relaxed. It knocked me out, instantly. This is not the first time this has happened.

If you’re a kidnapper, I think the money you save on sedatives you’ll need to capture me can be put toward making us both comfortable while we await my eventual rescue your ransom payment. Maybe we could order take-out Chinese and watch Netflix.

OK, back on topic…

The Best. Ever.

Among the instruments used were… (image public domain)

I awoke in the recovery room either fifteen or ninety minutes later. Mrs. Omawarisan says it was ninety minutes and acts like she knows because she was “awake”. I happen to know it was fifteen because I was there.

That difference of opinion aside, the Mrs. has a way of lighting up a room, even a room full of recently sedated people. So when she joined me in the recovery area we had a lively (and polite) time with our nurse there. As we left, the nurse teased one of her colleagues “I got the best ever hernia people”.

We’re the best ever hernia people.


So we’ve got that goin’ for us, which is nice.

12 Comments on “So We’ve Got That Goin’ For Us”

  1. longchaps2 says:

    I hope they cleaned those instruments between use. But if not, it’s probably okay. If you can survive a cold you can survive anything. Wishing you a speedy recovery šŸ™‚

  2. April says:

    All better now, I hope!

  3. LRose says:

    Something to aspire to: The best hernia people. I was the worst colonoscopy person. I woke up mid-procedure and started yelling (as you would if you were dreaming and want desperately to yell and can’t, but you keep trying like hell to yell anyway) I’M AWAKE. OK? I’M AWAKE I’M AWAKE I’M AWAKE I’M AWAKE I’M AWAKE…They calmly said “Ok” and theN I woke up again (15 min later, as you say) in the recovery wing with a nurse telling me to not go online and shop for anything the rest of the day.

  4. My Student Nurse, aka The Bride, would say do as the doctors says…..I say after lung surgery this past August….she is right. Recover well my blogging friend and God speed!

  5. I’ve experienced that “relaxing shot” myself. I’ve also had “mild sedation” that allowed me to feel everything that doctor did on the inside of my stomach. Then I had to lie in the recovery room, to “recover” from that “mild sedation” that did not sedate me at all. I prefer the first.

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