Alligator Lizards In The Air

One of the great joys of retiring at my age is that my wife and I can travel. We go on a lot of adventures, enough that the shuttle bus drivers at the airport greet us by name.

Last year on one of our trips, I saw the Pacific Ocean for the first time. At the end of this week, we’ll see it again, and then fly over a lot of it to Hawaii. There are a lot of things we’re looking forward to from our two week journey way out west – volcanoes…a canoe trip to see whales…learning new Hawaiian words with far too many vowels in them…and finding out what the hell poi is. These adventures will pale in comparison to the very first thing that we’ll do on our trip.

Ventura Highway


Alligator lizards fly above this sign. (image by Tony Webster CCbySA4.0)

We arranged our trip to allow for two days in Los Angeles before we head out to Maui. While we are there, we are taking a day trip to Ventura. I am looking forward to being on the Ventura Highway.

Yes, the Ventura Highway. The road in the song by the same name, recorded by the band America back in 1972. I know from that song that “the free wind will blow through my hair”, or what’s left of it, while I’m there. Also, on Ventura Highway, “the days are longer and the nights are stronger than moonshine”. Moonshine is strong stuff.

Moonshine nights aren’t even the best part of being on the Ventura Highway. There are lizards in the air. The song says there’s “alligator lizards in the air”. In the air! Where else are we going to see something like that? Not in a National Park, not in a volcano, not in a canoe, not in a box, not with a fox. Nope.

OK, Seriously, What The Hell Were They Writing About?


“If I could fly, your world would suck.” (image by djngsf ccbysa4.0)

We’ve been to the Everglades; the place was lousy with alligator lizards. They were all over the place. Some were in the water. Others were hanging out near the water, working on their tans. It was interesting to see how many fools tourists felt free to walk up to these alligators for very close up pictures. But every alligator in the Everglades is, one way or another, earth-bound.

We love the Everglades and want to go back, perhaps on a horse with no name. We anticipate Hawaii so much, but Ventura Highway will be much cooler because of the flying alligators.

You know, I wonder…do you think the moonshine might have anything to do with seeing the alligator lizards in the air?


4 Comments on “Alligator Lizards In The Air”

  1. Greg Norrell says:

    I think you’re right. Moonshine is responsible for the flying reptiles.

  2. Linda Sand says:

    In Hawaii the lizards are everywhere, even in the rafters above your head. Does that qualify as “in the air?” If so maybe that happens in Ventura as well.

  3. advocarebylori says:

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful songs on your blog! I am now humming “Ventura Highway” and “Horse with No Name!” Great songs!

  4. pegoleg says:

    What does it mean that I immediately starting humming that song when I saw the title? Hope your vaca is/was wonderful!

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