Haiku For Haiku, In Haiku


My rough draft. (image public domain)

A few months ago, I discovered that there is a town in Hawaii named Haiku. I can’t claim that I discovered the town. I’m pretty sure that the people who live there were aware it was there long before I figured it out.

But learning that the town exists inspired me to write a haiku for Haiku. That little writing exercise got me to thinking about becoming the poet laureate of Hawaii, so I knocked out two more haiku to expand my body of work (you can read all three haiku here).

About a week ago, my wife and I visited Haiku, Hawaii. It is a laid back, pretty little place in the hills.

I could not leave this wonderful place without busting out some haiku. Behold, the world premiere video performance of my Haiku for Haiku, in Haiku.

I know, touching, isn’t it? It’s OK to weep.

And while I was proofreading this post, I wasn’t certain that I knew the proper way to make haiku plural. I looked in to the matter and then created this haiku to help those of you with a bunch of Japanese poetry lying around who may be unsure of how to refer to it all, in the collective sense:

Plural of haiku

A matter of confusion

Never add an S

You’re welcome.

Back from vacation

Obsessed with haiku

Enough is enough

One Comment on “Haiku For Haiku, In Haiku”

  1. LRose says:

    Too fun! Keep on haikuin’

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