It’s Peyton On Sunday Morning

The approach of fall and the football season is cause for great joy in my house. There is a game on our television from Thursday night until the end of Monday Night Football.

There’s so much potential at the beginning of the season; so many unanswered questions. Will my Carolina Panthers make the Super Bowl and crap the bed again? Can Robert Griffin III bring my wife’s Cleveland Browns to the promised land? How badly will the Buckeyes beat the Terps?

Peyton. Retired, But Not Gone.

But everything about the return of football isn’t wonderful. Before the first preseason game, we are already seeing commercials featuring Peyton Manning. Yes, Peyton, the guy who beat the Panthers in the Super Bowl and turned their best player into a pouting child. I respect what the man can do on the football field, but after his last game, I think I’ve seen just about enough of Manning. Still, I’m not going to run away crying about it, that’s Cam Newton’s job.

Peyton Manning’s latest ad, for Direct TV, features him roaming the aisle of a supermarket in his bathrobe on Sunday morning. The musical soundtrack for this commercial is provided by Lionel Ritchie, former singer of the great 1970’s soul/funk band The Commodores. Mr. Ritchie is seated at a piano, singing “Peyton on Sunday morning”, a modification of the line “easy like Sunday morning” from one of The Commodores’ greatest hits.

Lionel’s Head Is Responsible For 40% Of All Solar Eclipses


Seriously, this guy has to special order his hats. (picture of my tv, by me)

Now, we are closing in on the entire reason for this post. It isn’t about Peyton, though he was a great player. It isn’t about Cam, though he is a great player who didn’t act like one after the Super Bowl. This is about Lionel Ritchie, former member of one of the funkiest bands ever.

The next time you see that commercial with Peyton and Lionel, I want you to look at Mr. Ritchie as he plays the piano. Really look at him, hard. Look at him and realize that he has a really large head.

Maybe many people are saying it, maybe it’s just me. But I think if you give it a look, you’ll agree that Lionel’s head is way out of proportion to the rest of his body. This guys head is so large that it has its own gravitational pull.

Sure, you’ll read this and it will slip from your mind. I’m ok with that. But the next time that ad comes on, you will remember you will look. It will be a little “made you look” moment.

When you do look, I’ll consider that a little victory. I’d appreciate you letting me know when it happens.



5 Comments on “It’s Peyton On Sunday Morning”

  1. robincoyle says:

    I haven’t seen the Peyton Direct TV ad. Have you seen the Peyton “Nationwide is on your side” ads? Brilliant. However, I think they pulled the ads about some scandal. Sexual harassment? I can’t keep up with all the celebrity scandals these days.

  2. My first thought was that it wasn’t the REAL Lionel Richie at all….it was his Bobble Head! Or…..a Pez Dispenser. Of course I’m basing my opinion on the picture because I’ve never seen the actual commercial.

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