Stop That, You’ll Go Blind: Michigan Man Buys Winning Lottery Ticket In A Porn Shop

Adult Books

A similar repository of literature (Image by highstrungloner via Flickr)

In  a press conference held by the Michigan Lottery, a man named Mike Grier claimed a 128 million dollar prize on behalf of a group he called “Team Victory Club”. The winning ticket was bought at a place called the Uptown Book Store outside of Detroit.

The Uptown Book Store is not your typical local book seller, nor is it Barnes and Noble. The Uptown Book Store is a porn shop. At the press conference, Mr. Grier refused to give details about the ticket purchase. Mr. Grier’s answer to the questions? “Nobody cares.”

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Just tell the truth, Mr. Mixon.

Carolina Panthers logo

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I don’t often write about sports, I’m making a exception here with a post to purge some frustration.

On my way home from work, I was forced to listen to the radio broadcast of the Carolina Panthers on the local station, WBT -AM. This never fails to be a miserable experience, even in a winning season.

Today, after successive awful plays by the defense that resulted in a score by the Panthers opponent, play by play hack Mick Mixon announced that the Panthers fans in attendance were in “stunned silence”.

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Steven Slater: Who Pushed His Buttons & Why Isn’t She Charged With Anything?

The man had some style. (copyright Airtoons)

Flight Attendant Steven Slater’s meltdown has been fairly well publicized in the media and by bloggers from around the web.

In my last post (and this will be my last post about him) I offered to represent him in court and I stand behind that offer. I do have to say that I understand why the man had to be charged with the offenses he is charged with. His unusual resignation could have hurt someone on the ground crew and likely caused a security breach at one of the nations busiest and most sensitive airports. His choice was inexcusable, especially from someone whose job is to keep calm under pressure to keep the flying public safe.

Hello, Give Me Missing Persons…

On television shows, the police always tell people that they can’t report someone missing for forty-eight hours. Forty-eight hours have passed and I am calling in a missing person. I do not know the whereabouts of the woman I will call Passenger X, the person whose behavior at the end of the flight supposedly lit Slater’s fuse. Read the rest of this entry »

Understatement – A lost art.

Seemed like a great idea at the time.

I have been vacationing on the Outer Banks of North Carolina since my college days. I love it there, miss it when I’m gone and count the days until I return.
The Outer Banks is also the birthplace of my desire to fly in a biplane.
I’ve always found those old airplanes intriguing, but there has been a blue and gold one flying over my head, year after year, at the beach that got into my head. I’d watch that plane go by, I’d think about it and think about the someday when I’d be in it.

The Plan And The Understatement

Someday became part of the plan during last year’s vacation. We arrived on Saturday, Sunday I was to be airborne. Airborne at the Outer Banks, where the Wright Brothers flew.  Read the rest of this entry »

Sarah Palin, it is time for you to go.

Oh, what a surprise, there are cameras here.

I rarely go much into politics here. I think it has become a shamefully divisive topic in the US, where people hardly ever agree to disagree on an issue when it comes to politics any more. I hope someday soon that we remember that there is such a thing as common ground.

I’m going to make an exception here and discuss a political figure. Sarah Palin. Ma’am, it is time to say what happened, and then go away. Read the rest of this entry »

Richard Heene: There are some things you can’t cover up with hair gel.

Regular readers of this blog know that there is something about feeling like I’m being lied to by someone I think is running a hoax that pushes my buttons. I guess it is a little of that “are you stupid enough to think I’m as stupid as you are” feeling that just sets me on edge… see my post on the Meteor Boy for example.

What is hot in the news right now is the whole Balloon Boy situation. My buttons have been pushed.

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Dude, You Hit A Woman, Then You Went On TV Dressed Like That?

It is time for another edition of Just Say What Happened.

Look, even if you werent an abusive little ass, wearing this in public is enough reason to have your man card revoked.

Look, even if you weren't an abusive little ass, wearing this in public is enough reason to have your man card revoked.

Though I’m far from a fan of either person involved, the news has been inescapable that a singer named Chris Brown hit his girlfriend, a singer named Rihanna. He recently entered a guilty plea and received 5 years probation for hitting, biting, threatening to kill and holding this woman in a headlock until her breathing was restricted.

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Carrot Top and Pippi Longstocking’s love child makes news.

In the news today is the story of a 14 year old in Germany who claims he was grazed by a meteorite which would have been traveling at 30,000 mph when it hit him.

Does this seem impossible to anyone else?

This is the wound from a 30,000 MPH flaming hot rock?

This is the wound from a 30,000 MPH flaming hot rock?

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