I Hate Pumpkin

Pumpkin is a jerk. Ten months a year, no where to be found. Two months a year, inescapable.

I hate pumpkin. Here are all the anti-pumpkin posts on the blog:

Hey Pumpkin

Damn You Pumpkin

Pineapple Puts Pumpkin In Its Place

Happy National Anti-Pumpkin Day

How To Make A Pineapple Jack-O-Lantern

Read about Pumpkin. Hate Pumpkin.

Join the movement. Boycott Pumpkin.

9 Comments on “I Hate Pumpkin”

  1. shoutabyss says:

    Consider this your invite. I’m making a batch of Rachel Ray’s pumpkin soup.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love pumpkin ale

  3. Totally on board. Pumpkin is disgusting, especially when people try to pretend it’s a fruit and put it in pies. It’s just one step further to sweet potato pies, and then all is lost.

    • Vonda000 says:

      Not to ruin a perfectly good pumpkin smashing time, but most commercially canned pumpkin is actually made with winter squash. Libby’s “100% pure pumpkin” is a Dickinson Field squash which cross-polinates with butternut squash. So haters of the Big Orange unite! And add squash to the list.

  4. lrose says:

    I made a pineapple jack-o-lantern this year to go with the tropical mariachi theme’d skeleton display. What I hate are hearts: http://www.pinterest.com/lrose917/maketheheartthingstop/

  5. I used to hate pumpkin, until I found pumpkin soup… with sour cream… don’t get me started on potato soup with sourcream and bacon…anyway, I’m a born again pumpkiner. But then I’m also Australian, so we don’t have pumpkin forced down our throats for a whole month every year.

  6. […] – The greatest trick capitalism ever pulled was making you want a pumpkin spice latte (hard to type this without think about Oma over at Blurt) […]

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