Bacon Will Drive Pumpkin Out Of Beer

I believe that the mid to late 1970’s was a dreadful time in popular music. The blight of disco music, which someone likened to “a beautiful woman with a great body and no brains” dominated the airwaves.

A remnant of dark days (image by Vintage Fairytalke CCbySa2.0)

Disco’s repetitive, synthesized sound seemed inescapable. And yet, in the vast wasteland that popular music had become in that era, there were beacons of hope. Let’s look at 1978 as an example.

One would have every reason to believe that music would never recover from a year that saw records released by groups like The Village People and KC & The Sunshine Band. But there was really good music percolating up through the disco swamp.  That good music gave me hope that rock music would survive the onslaught of this musical “flavor of the month”.

Have I Mentioned That I Hate Pumpkin?

Sure, that “flavor of the month” left a bad taste in my mouth for a little over a decade. But my point remains that quality music by musicians who dared to play their own instruments eventually pushed the weaker style aside.

Speaking of flavor of the month, pumpkin is back. You don’t need me to tell you that. Pumpkin is in its yearly period where it becomes inescapable and pushes its way into food, where it doesn’t belong. Read the rest of this entry »