The Finest Blueberry Pie There Is

Some who read my blog know my friend, John. I think those who do know him would agree on this point – we’re sad for those who don’t.

All of us agree that he is someone everyone should know, but disagree on why. Some would point out that John talks with a funny accent and that makes him wicked fun to listen to. And that would be right. Who talks like that, y’all? No one.

Others might point out his fabulous wife as a reason to know him, and I’d agree there. You could also mention his noble profession, his fine sons, his charitable deeds or his taste in music. Read the rest of this entry »

I Will Nominate You For The Nobel Prize

If this is what you want, it is an innovation. I don't want it. (image via

In several catalogs, I have seen a new brownie pan designed to make sure that each brownie has at least two crusty edges.

This all edges brownie pan seems to be being marketed as an advance in making brownies. If you’re the sort of person who is a fan of the crusty edges of brownies, it may just be the sort of advance you’ve hoped for.

I’m Not That Sort Of Person

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