Cancer Sniffing Dogs

I love dogs, but I don’t actually have one of my own. It is an issue of space for me. I’d want my dog to have room to go do the things that dogs do in their free time.

Also, I don’t want to pick up poop.

Looking A Gift Dog In The Mouth

U.S. and coalition servicemembers, civilians, ...

Dogs, just for a point of reference in this discussion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dogs are great, not just because of their loyalty, but because of their eagerness and versatility. They can be trained to do so much. Dogs work to keep us safe and detect smugglers at airports. They assist the blind. Companion dogs improve the lifespan of the elderly. I knew a dog who assisted a war veteran in managing the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress.

You don’t see that sort of thing from a parrot.

The work that canines do is expanding. I read that dogs are learning to sniff out and detect ovarian cancer. That is very cool; I dislike cancer more than I like dogs. As cool as it is that dogs can help us in that way, I’ve decided that I do not want a cancer smelling dog. Read the rest of this entry »

Dude, cover that up.

Paper-clip T-shirt, Any del disseny, Barcelona...

Would it kill you to put one on? It doesn't even have to be this one. (Image via Wikipedia)


I had the privilege of working an extra shift on Saturday. That put me in town as people were gathering for a fund-raising walk to fight breast cancer.      

Driving through the streets that are usually deserted on the weekend and seeing groups of people moving toward the event site was a nice experience. It got me to thinking about people I know who’ve fought the disease as well as a friend who has just been diagnosed. It is sad to know people still suffer, but with all the energy behind the cause, maybe the suffering will become preventable.      

And Then It Happened

As I was having my moment of reflection, I saw something that jarred me back into reality.      Read the rest of this entry »