Boycotting The Royal Wedding – The Live Blog

Map of Virginia highlighting Prince William County

Prince William County (Image via Wikipedia)

Well today is the day. Prince William, who is named after a county in Virginia, is marrying Kate Middleton in London. Ms. Middleton is not named after a county in Virginia.

One more long day of the media here in the states telling me how excited I am and “getting me ready for the big event”. Tomorrow we’ll have post game analysis by people who are somehow qualified to break all the action down for us and then, mercifully, we can begin to stop hearing about these people.

Let me be clear. I am certain these are two fine people who love one another. I’ve no issue with them marrying or that some people are intensely interested in how they go about becoming married. I am just sick of being informed that I am interested.

So here’s my plan. I am boycotting the wedding. I am pretty sure the happy couple will not be upset by that. My interest is simply to document my indifference because, well, I’m made that way. Read the rest of this entry »

Just tell the truth, Mr. Mixon.

Carolina Panthers logo

Image via Wikipedia

I don’t often write about sports, I’m making a exception here with a post to purge some frustration.

On my way home from work, I was forced to listen to the radio broadcast of the Carolina Panthers on the local station, WBT -AM. This never fails to be a miserable experience, even in a winning season.

Today, after successive awful plays by the defense that resulted in a score by the Panthers opponent, play by play hack Mick Mixon announced that the Panthers fans in attendance were in “stunned silence”.

I beg to differ, Mr Mixon. Read the rest of this entry »

The Jolie Pez Project: The Jolie In The Charlotte NC Area.

Before The Jolie goes out into the world, visiting the multitudes and saving the world, I thought I would show her around where I live.  I must tell you that I was in for a shock when she came in the mail from eBay made her entrance and I found that she travels with a handgun. She also has some sort of smart phone that she spends a ridiculous amount of time on with her agent.

A Rough Start

I wasn’t impressed with The Jolie on the first day she was around.¬† She doesn’t have much of a personality, especially when you take into account that she is the savior of the world. I guess saving the world is hard work.

We brought The Jolie over to The Carolina Raptor Center. The Raptor Center rehabilitates¬†injured birds of prey…hence the bird crossing sign. The Omawari-son spent his summer volunteering here feeding owls, eagles, vultures and hawks.

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