That Was Wrong, But Why Was She Eating At Papa John’s?

I read a shameful story the other day.

I guess it was too much trouble to ask her name. (image via

An Asian-American woman placed an order at a Papa John’s Pizza restaurant. She paid. She waited. She got her pizza and a receipt. In the space¬†where her name would normally appear to help connect her and her order when the pizza was ready, the receipt read “lady chinky eyes”.

How sad that there are still people who think it is OK to be small minded enough to demean another person in that way. The ethnicity of the person found to be responsible for this act doesn’t really matter, I’d be willing to bet they’d have been outraged if they’d been similarly demeaned. The restaurant chain did the right thing by issuing an apology and ensuring the person involved was dismissed.

There is no excuse for mocking a person’s heritage. Ever.


This incident exposes another problem. The problem is certainly not on the level of racial intolerance. All the same, it is one that we all must resolve to address when we see it. What is that problem? Poor food choices. Read the rest of this entry »