Fast Food & Fake Fingernails

Say hi to pseudomonas (image via CDC/wikimedia)

I don’t always eat fast food. But when I do, it won’t be served by anyone with those long fake fingernails. I think they are unsanitary and have no place around anything I am going to consume.

I’m taking a stand, and hope you will too.

Just Yesterday Morning

I was out-of-town yesterday morning. I got up, left my hotel and stopped at a fast food restaurant to grab something to eat on the way home. At the counter, I ordered while looking up at the menu. As I told the woman taking my order what I wanted, she entered it into her register. I heard the tell-tale tap tap tap of what I knew were ridiculously long fingernails on the plastic surface of the register. The sound made my stomach lurch. Those things creep me out.

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Waiters, waitresses, idiots and injustice.

Guest Check PDA: open

People Who Use These Do Not Exist To Be Screwed With (Image by atduskgreg via Flickr)

I have never waited tables.

Let me qualify that. I served as a celebrity (their term, not mine) waiter at a Special Olympics fundraiser three or four times. That gave me enough experience to realize how physically demanding it is to do that kind of work. It didn’t expose me to the kind of crap they have to put up with.

Last night, I had the privilege to see justice come to someone who was abusive to wait people. It was beautiful.

I had dinner at one of those Japanese hibachi grill places. Cooking in front of you, chopped up bits of food, knives, fire –¬†you know the drill. The kind of place you never actually see a Japanese person in.

So There Was This Baby. His Parents Were Jerks, But He Was Cool

We ended up sharing a table with a family with an infant son. As it turns out, the baby was the only one who treated the waiter and cook in a halfway decent manner. In fact, the baby was really likable, as babies are. Read the rest of this entry »

Target Customer Service. An hour of my life I will never get back.

The funny thing is, this is really happening.

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