The One That Got Away

She was everything I’m not supposed to have.

She was fast.

She was sleek.

It Starts


High Maintenance (Image via Wikipedia)

I don’t usually go for high maintenance types. As soon as I saw her sitting there I was prepared to break my rule. She had the same unapproachable look I’d seen before. The difference was that this time, something about this one made her feel different. Like maybe this time it could happen. Read the rest of this entry »


When I’m Rich: My All Beef Car

There will come a day when I am outrageously wealthy. I have always known that that day would have to come on a day and in a way not associated with my current career. Since I have not yet figured out how to make my written silliness pay, I don’t think today is the day I’m going to be wealthy either.

While I am waiting for my ship to come in, I have begun moving on to a topic equally important to where my vast wealth is going to come from – outrageous ways I will spend the money.

Rich People Buy Cars

Toyota Land Cruiser (BJ40LV)

Image via Wikipedia

When people hit it big, the first thing they often do is go out and buy a really sweet ride. There are a number of cars I have dreamed of having for years upon years. I’d love a Porsche 911. I would love a Jeep or maybe a really cool vintage Toyota Land Cruiser.

1970-1973 Datsun 240Z photographed in Montreal...

Image via Wikipedia

I know I’d probably go buy the Datsun 240z I have been lusting after since 1974. I know where that car is sitting right now…I just don’t know where the cash to pay for it is sitting. As soon as I hit it big, you’ll know it because that car and one other very special one will be in my driveway.

I am going to buy an Oscar Meyer Wienermobile. Read the rest of this entry »