I Want To Be A Socialite

November 2007 photo of McCain in Baghdad with ...

Hey, John. I read your book. I really liked it. Wanna know how much? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

General/Spy King David Petraeus, certainly puts everything he’s got into expressing his appreciation for authors, doesn’t he?

Now that we’ve got that joke out of the way, let’s move on.

There’s one positive that I’m taking from thisĀ  “General/Biographer, alleged sex, alleged threatening e-mails to socialite who allegedly e-mailed another General (with a shirtless FBI agent thrown in to make it interesting)” situation. That one positive is that I’m glad to see the return of the word “socialite” to the public eye.

I’ve often wondered about socialites. Who are they? How do they get that gig? I decided to look into the matter. Read the rest of this entry »