Cancer Sniffing Dogs

I love dogs, but I don’t actually have one of my own. It is an issue of space for me. I’d want my dog to have room to go do the things that dogs do in their free time.

Also, I don’t want to pick up poop.

Looking A Gift Dog In The Mouth

U.S. and coalition servicemembers, civilians, ...

Dogs, just for a point of reference in this discussion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dogs are great, not just because of their loyalty, but because of their eagerness and versatility. They can be trained to do so much. Dogs work to keep us safe and detect smugglers at airports. They assist the blind. Companion dogs improve the lifespan of the elderly. I knew a dog who assisted a war veteran in managing the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress.

You don’t see that sort of thing from a parrot.

The work that canines do is expanding. I read that dogs are learning to sniff out and detect ovarian cancer. That is very cool; I dislike cancer more than I like dogs. As cool as it is that dogs can help us in that way, I’ve decided that I do not want a cancer smelling dog. Read the rest of this entry »

Yeah, It’s An Idea. Maybe Not The One I Need.

Retirement home (Israel, 2010)

Ideally, things will be a little more lively. (Image via Wikipedia)

I think I have mentioned that I will retire in about two years. If all goes according to plan, I’ll walk away from my job at 52 years old. That’s probably a good time for me to go. In my job, the competition never really ages.

Fortunately, they also don’t gain much in the way of guile.

All the same, 52 is way too young for me to stop working. I enjoy people too much to just walk away. Having a job to bring in supplemental income is a social and financial must for me. I’d give selected body parts to be paid to write, but since I don’t see that happening right off, I have to start thinking in other directions. Read the rest of this entry »

Angst Is Dead, Utopia Now

For example...(image via

A few weeks ago I was driving through downtown Charlotte. I spotted one of those lighted highway message signs that had been placed in front of an art center. The messages alternated between two – “ANGST IS DEAD” and “UTOPIA NOW”.

I am not writing about angst or utopia today.

I do, however, want to take a very pro-utopia stance. Beyond that, I’ll leave you to your own opinion on the matter and respect your point of view. Read the rest of this entry »

An interview with the Coyote that took Jessica Simpson’s dog.

For this post, instead of interviewing a legendary creature like a Mongolian Death Worm or a Kongamato, Blurt takes on a topic ripped from today’s headlines. An interview with a live animal that made big news this week.

Yes my friends, I have scooped all the major news organizations and spoken directly with the Coyote that took Jessica Simpson’s dog.

As you might imagine, the subject of this interview was wary of speaking to me at all. He is understandably nervous that he is the Coyote of Interest in this case. To ensure his security, he would only consent to the interview if we communicated over a set of Incredible Hulk Voice Changing Walkie Talkies.

Once he was certain I was not setting him up for “The Man” to take him down he was quite forthcoming about his life and “the incident.” Read the rest of this entry »